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Renewal of The 1866 Civil Rights Act

As originally Intended

The 14th Amendment (+)


 Civil Rights Act of 1866 (+)


Renewal Of The 1866 Civil Rights Act As originally Intended

“I Have A Dream” Speech Doctrinaire

“I still have a dream. It is a dream deeply rooted in the American dream.”


Arizona Senator, The Hon. Russell Pierce says,

"Enforce the 14th Amendment as originally intended"


A Bill For The House and Senate of the US Congress

Including State Legislatures, Ballot Measures, Initiatives and Proposition

Greetings __________, (Congressional and State Legislators)

On behalf of American Black US citizens, i.e., Emancipated Slaves, Freedmen-Freemen-Refugees, the people of Color commonly known as either Blacks, Colored, Negroes (Spanish for black), even Niggers, Nigras (combination of Niggers and Negro), Afro-African Americans throughout the United States of America, my colleagues and I are asking you to author legislation that orders the full enforcement of the 14th Amendment and its Constitutionally codified 1866 Civil Rights Act by the President of United States of America

Ø  These terms are not pejoratives, but rather Constitutionally based! “Emancipated Slaves” is alluded to by the edict of Emancipation proclaimed and enacted by Executive Order of the late United States President, Abraham Lincoln, January 1,1863; the 13th Amendment, Section 1; 14th Amendment, Section 4; the Civil Rights of 1866, Section 1-4; “Freedmen”, “Freemen” are so mentioned as well as “Refugee” in Section 3, along with “color” in Sections 1,2, and 4.  It is to be noticed that the Constitutional mandates do not even mention illegal aliens, Hispanic/Latino, Mexican, et al.

Ø  Furthermore, there are interest, such as the Dream Act that is seeking the life support of the Emancipated Slaves based on their “skin-color” or race, ethnicity, nationality, minority status, religion, etc. 

    Note: The King DREAM ACT for the “Emancipated Slaves, Freedmen-Freemen-Refugees eliminates all questions of ethno-racial rights to the     Constitution, which addresses and creates US citizens. 

*As General Oliver Howard says in 1864, We must not treat them (Emancipate Slaves) as stepchildren; there is too much danger in doing too much as in doing too little (such as welfare).  For a time we need a freedmen's bureau, but not because these people are Negroes, only because they are men who have been, for generations, despoiled of their rights.” 

Note: "for a time...Freedmen's Bureau", that is, until the Freedmen, Emancipated Slaves experience full "equal justice under the law" US citizenship "as is enjoyed by White citizens" according to Section 1 of the Civil Rights Act of 1866.

·   No matter how difficult the plight of a willing-immigrant group, legal or illegal, they do not have the sacredly unique American experience as that of the Emancipated Slave, Freedmen-Freemen-Refugees, who happened to be a people of a different skin color than that of “White citizens”, being Negro-black.

Employ Presidential Executive Order

The bill commands the President of the United States to execute the special Executive Orders as Commander In Chief of the New Nations Armed Forces and enforce the original-intent mandates of the ACT of the 14th Amendment-1966 Civil Rights ACT.

Essentially, the King DREAM ACT has its moorings in the supreme law of the land and two documents that encapsulates their meanings and intent, they are:

  1. Supreme Law
  • The United States Declaration of Independence From The British Empire
  • The United States Constitution and Its 26 Amendments
  • The Emancipation Proclamation of The Late United States President, Abraham Lincoln, January 1,1863
  • The 13th, 14th, and 15th Amendments
  • The 1866 Civil Rights Act With It’s 10 Section of Implementation of the 14th Amendment
  1. Non-Law Documents
  • The Gettysburg Address By The Late United States President, Abraham Lincoln, November 19,1863
  • The “I Have A Dream” Speech By The Late Rev-Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. August 28,196
  • The King Speech Is Also The Promissory Note


Enforcement of the 1866 Civil Rights ACT of the 14th Amendment

This bill forces the completion of the unfinished business that the United States of America has with GOD mentioned in the Declaration of Independence concerning the Emancipated Slaves, Freedmen-Freemen-Refugees, the Coloreds, imperatively making it the number one foreign and/or domestic issue of this “New Nation”, ,.

Note: "New Nation” is a term for the United States coined by the late US President Abraham Lincoln in his Gettysburg Address, “…our fore father brought forth on this continent a New Nation…”

Constitutional STANDING

This bill has unique Constitutional STANDING in that, the taking of the slaves from England by the United States July 4,1776, automatically placed them under special jurisdiction of our New Nation without their official permission.  Citizenship was/is foisted upon the Emancipated Slaves as no other ethno-racial-nationality group in the country.

Unlike other ethno-racial-nationalities who freely-willingly naturalized into citizenship of the several states of the federal Union, the Emancipated Slaves, Freedmen-Freemen did not ask for, but was granted and empowered with such to help them access the freedom they craved. 

Initially, the slaves were not seeking citizenship in the United States nor it's American Dream, but rather freedom from tyranny.  However, they learned that in this land far away from their ancestral home of West Africa, citizenship if freedom "as is enjoyed by White citizens", which eventually occurred technically (not practically) by the “magic” of the 14 Amendment and Civil Rights Act of 1866.

From 1866 until 1877, a cold Civil War raged for 12 difficult years of legislative, civic and law enforcement battles of which the Northern Republican Party forces, hailed as champions of the Emancipated Slaves surrendered to those of the Southern Democratic elements.

This tragic surrender subsequently led to 87 years of intense racially biased discriminatory, segregationist, generational destroying legislation and enforcement against the Emancipated Slaves, commonly known as Jim Crow-ism combined with the state governments’ sanctioned terrorist antic of the Ku Klux Klan (KKK) in order to impede their path of access to full US citizenship.

These years of anguish heaped upon a people not originally seeking the American Dream, but who rather saw such as a nightmare, including 98 years of generations destroying brutal racist legislation build on a foundation of 235 years of chattel slavery, has wrecked a devastation of upon American Black US Citizens for generations yet unborn.

Making matter worse, since the early days of post hot Civil War which freed the slaves, this New Nation has brought to its shores waves of insensitive, no particular fault of their own, immigrants, primarily from European nations supposedly “meting into a pot” in which the Emancipated Slaves, Freedmen-Freeman could not.

Government officials knowing that the hordes of desperate immigrants fleeing the tyranny of Europe were unaware of the unique and specially authorized Constitutional STANDING of the Emancipated Slaves did nothing to educate and sensitize them to their plight from slavery that they too could participate in obeying the 14th Amendment-1866 Civil Rights ACT.

Therefore, as the waves of immigrants through the generation flooded and over-ran the Emancipated Slaves thereby pushing them out of the American Dream quest, many new Americans joined with those who already held animus against the Freedmen and too sought their continued disenfranchisement.

Such generational mistreat indeed justifies this call for the demands of the Martin Luther King, Jr. DREAM ACT

A Nation of Immigrants

Often, it is erroneously and callously said in proverb that The United States of America is founded by, built by immigrants; and that it is a nation of immigrants for immigrants, which of course all immigrants are proud of their ancestral-fore parents’ contribution to the New Nation.

The actual truth is that this New Nation founded, that is, “…conceived in liberty and dedicated to the proposition that all men are created equal” build and developed upon by the backs of chattel slaves and by immigrants and other immigrants coming to add thereto.

Since 1866, given that their population being a mere 11%13% of the general, American Black US citizens, i.e., Emancipated Slaves, Freedmen-Freemen-Refugees have disproportionately and literally led all other ethno-racial peoples in nearly every negative social statistic in the nation.

These sad and tragic statistical conditions of the Emancipated Slaves, is a result of the unfinished business of the 14th Amendment et al!

With many groups claiming minority-status, particularly those posturing themselves as fake neo “peoples of color” in the name of the 14th Amendment, which if allowed to continue would lead to the ethno-racial cleansing and even genocide of the Emancipated Slaves, Freedmen, there must be legislation to revive the that which is yet young because it has not been enforcement to fulfillment

Hence, my colleagues and I are calling upon you to legislate the full enforcement of the 14th Amendment and its’ progenitor the 1866 Civil Rights Act as it is originally intended until it is completed according the Dream of the American Founding Fathers…the dream in which the Negro has deeply placed his own.

Essentially, based on his iconic “I Have A Dream” speech August 28,1963, at the Lincoln Memorial in Washington, DC, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. proclaimed the essence of the 14th Amendment-Civil Rights Act of the US Constitution, couched in the Declaration of Independence, the Emancipation Proclamation and the Gettysburg Address of Abraham Lincoln, which is the Promissory Note. 

Please legislate and pass the Rev.-Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Dream Act.  “Now is the time”

All the Blessings of GOD to you and yours,

Ted Hayes

Shalom in Jerusalem-Blessed Bethlehem



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