The Most Sacred Political Matter
of the United States of America
By Which It Will Rise To Live Out Its American Dream Creed
Or Fall Into The Perdition of Self-Destruction

White Brothers...Boys, Killed Each Other In The US Civil War
Over The Matter of Black Lives Held In Chattel Slavery

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In the United States, A Union Republican form of government, regardless of politcal affiliaiton, the Primary Objective of the Citizen Republican, is to be Guardian of the Republic by Safeguarding the Wellbeing and Citizenship Right of Black Lives


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Without Proper Knowledge, Understanding and Wisdom of the Sacred Matter Over Which the US Civil War (violence) Was and Continues To Be Waged Between the Two Major Political Parties (non-violently), America Can't Be Understood. 

Herein Lays The Key:  Only By Understanding America, Can Homelessness Be Resolved. 



The Number One Homeless Activists In The USA

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While Maintaing Our Respective Political and Religious Views and Affiliations, We Together Must Simultaneously, Transcend Partisanship To Save America and Our Earth World