Black Church Burned In Los Angeles


By A White, Hispanic/Latino Illegal Alien

At this time, “sanctuary city” policies in Los Angeles resist revealing the race, ethnicity and/or immigration status of certain Hispanic/Latino criminal offenders of the law, especially if perpetrated against Blacks. 

However, we of America’s Black Shield (ABS) LA and National conclude that the immigration status of 33 year old Mr. Ricardo Aguilar Martinez being one of illegal is “highly probability” because among other reasons, Mr. Linard Lee, our investigating member witnessed in court on Wednesday, August 25,2010 that he was in need of a Spanish interpreter.

Also, in the same light of “sanctuary city” policies, which tends to deny that crimes against Black US citizens by White, Hispanic/Latino assailants are race-hate based, ABS nevertheless, charges that the church burning by Mr. Martinez indeed was a racist attack. 

Please see attached court documents Los Angeles County Superior Court Report (+)

However, despite the reasons for the burning of the Black church in illegal alien “sanctuary city”, the greater and more revealing racial offense is the fact that the Los Angeles Mayor who is White, Hispanic/Latino himself along with other leaders in their communities, government and private, have not yet, two and a half weeks after the crime, condemned nor even reached out to Pastor John Edwards an his parishioners.

We all know, that had this race-hate crime been committed against a synagogue of the Jews, mosque of the Muslims, temple of the Buddhists, church of the Roman Catholics, etc, or had the perpetrator been White, Anglo/English American citizen, the Mayor and everyone else in LA and the nation would have been there condemning the act as racist motivated.

However, because the Mr. Martinez is an illegal alien under the sanction of the City of Los Angeles, there is a huge cover-up taking place.

We are calling on you to join with us and coalition members in demanding an immediate and thorough investigation be conducted by the US Department of Justice, White House and Congress of the incident and as to why there is a cover-up.  What is the big secret?

Also, we charge that the African American clergy and community leadership with blessing or “green-lighting” and encouraging such behavior by their unwillingness to take this matter on as they would had the perpetrator been White, Anglo-English, US citizen.

If fact, the African American leadership is the primary cause as to why Blacks are being undermined and ethno-racially cleansed out of their hard earned opportunity to achieve the American Dream of the Founding Fathers.

In the meantime, ABS, Los Angeles and National, contend that the burning of this Black owned and operated church facility was indeed race-hatred motivated.

As soon as it is official that Mr. Ricardo Aguilar Martinez is indeed an illegal alien, we will let you know.

Thank you for your continued interest

All the Blessing of GOD to you and yours


Shalom in Jerusalem – Blessed Bethlehem

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