The Civil Rights Struggle For America Continues

Church Burning In Los Angeles (+)

(August, Friday 13,2010)


Hey Patriot Folks,

 Well, what do you know.  I suppose that it had to happen sooner or later.....see this link  Church Burning In Los Angeles (+)


On Wednesday, August 11,2010, the facility called the Church of Greater Works was set on fire by White, Hispanic/Latino gangsters, illegal aliens and no doubt anchor-teens.  Have you heard about this?  Of course not, because these perpetrators of racist antagonism against American Black US citizens are so-called neo Brown-Bronze La Raza, racial minority-majority, Caucasians.   Somehow in the media/press and African American leadership, illegal alien gangsters get a "pass" on their attacks against Blacks.


However, we all know had these attempted murderers been American USA, Anglo-White "skin" Caucasians, the world would be in an uproar about them burning down an African American church.  Shades of Birmingham, Alabama church-bombing and other church burn downs by KKK and "those racist White people".


Jesse, Al and all the "usual" suspects, including the New Black Panther Party, the Mayor, City Council members, Board of Supervisors, ecumenical clergy, the Police Chief, and on and on and on would have been on this had it been not Hispanic/Latino peoples, but instead American Anglo-Whites.  You know exactly what I am talking about!


Yet, the world knows nothing about it.  There is no outrage!


However, all is not lost, but rather just beginning, because the illegal alien movement has struck another fatal blow to themselves by attacking a the LORD's people in their house of worship with the apparent attempt to kill them.


There is a growing effort by local Black Civil Rights and Anti-illegal immigration activists and Patriots to confront this madness and end it now.


We will be needing your help with this thing.  Soon you will be hearing from us with directions.  So stay tuned and on-line!   WE ARE TAKING ACTION!  This will not stand!


By the way, this church is located in what was a Black neighborhood but has been taken over by illegal aliens and anchor peoples.


This church and its pastor served the homeless, often sheltering them, and had a congregation primarily of Black elderly people who are now living in terror under the oppressive boot heel of a foreign invader.  Talking about a modern day Civil and Human Rights issue!!!  This it!


Just remember, the LORD has never left HIMSELF without a witness and "When the enemy comes in like a flood, the Spirit of the LORD Will raise up a STANDARD against him"  Isaiah 59:19 and "You, LORD, prepares a table before in the presence of my enemies" Psalms 23


That which was meant for evil, GOD Is turning for good.


Thank for your interest and willingness to help.


All the Best of GOD to you and yours,


Ted Hayes

American Patriot Civil Rights Activist


Shalom in Jerusalem - Blessed Bethlehem


Please See Church Burning In Los Angeles (+)

                          Perpetrator Is Suspected Illegal Alien (+)