Three Black Homeless Women Attacked

The Matter of Black Lives: The Series

On Friday night, October 29, 2016, at the Donald J. Trump, vandalized Hollywood Walk of Fame Star, on Hollywood Blvd in Hollywood, California, by some frightened, crazed, unruly, Caucasian-white, Hispanic/Latinos verbally assaulted and physically attacked a US citizen, homeless black woman exercising her 1st Amendment Right to her political opinion.


Alarmingly, taking part is this thuggish, fascist attack upon what is probably somebody’s mother, was some ignorant black lives who gave cover or license to the racist white lives whom were viciously attacking what could be somebody’s mother.


Correctly frustrated with illegal the immigration-invasion occupation of the USA proving to a direct attack, primarily against black US citizens, this homeless black woman was conducting a vigil demonstrating support for Mr. Trump’s and stance on it.


Being advocates for the stealth, non-militaristic, de facto US federal government sanctioned out of the White House by the President, invasion-occupation by foreign national civilians with citizenships in their own countries, these weak thugs vehemently rejected the US citizen, black homeless woman’s vigil, and support of Trump.


It is reported that the US citizen black homeless woman had written offensive language on her makeshift, cardboard paper signs as well spoke foul words about the invasion-occupation, and after being warned to shut up or suffer the consequences, upon continuing her tirade, the frightened advocates attacked.


However, in the USA, even if the US citizen homeless black woman was wrong in her politics and foul language, she nonetheless is protected under the Constitution’s 1st Amendment Right.


Perhaps, the US citizen homeless black woman is mentally ill, which begs the question, when such persons blurt out offensive “noises”, nobody has the right to suppress them. 


Could this attack be the behavior of the attackers when they come across loud, blurting, mentally ill persons, or just US citizen homeless black women who support Donald Trump and calling for the end of the invasion-occupation that is destroying black lives?


Besides, the US citizen homeless black woman was not following them down the sidewalk with her offensiveness, but rather was sitting stationary at the site of the destroyed Trump star.


Therefore, the attackers could have simply ignored her and kept walking to have fun in Hollywood.


Oh no! They just couldn’t do the civilized thing and just keep walking.  Instead, being offended by the truth she was proclaiming, the invasion supporters felt insecure, frightened and threatened, thereby shutting down the US citizen, homeless black woman’s 1st Amendment Rights.


Also, regardless of the US citizen, homeless black woman’s demeanor, she nonetheless, is an elder, and those sad, confused young people totally disrespected this perhaps, mother of children by their shameful assault. We pray for them and their parents for GOD mercy upon them.


The Matter of Black Lives: The Series  Three Black Homeless Women Attacked