The Matter of Black Lives

The articles Series

Warning Bulletin: Obama Takes Blacks Pyschologically & Politically Hostage

                             The Racism of the Democratic Party

The 2016 Presidential Election Referendums
Referendum On We the People
Referendum On The Founding Fathers

The Proverbial "White man" Has Acknowledged and Apologized For Chattel Slavery Jim Crowism and Lynching

Congressional Apology Resolution To Black lives

US Senate Apology For Lynching Black Lives

Letter To Black Lives Matter

Black Lives Matter, Really?

Black Lives Don't Matter After All - Part 1

The Original Republicans Made Black Lives Matter - short version

The Original Republicans Made Black Lives Matter - long version

Take The Republican Survey: Are You Republican or Democrat

Introduction To Promissary Note

The 14th Amendment: Nat'l Birthright Citizenship of Black Lives

The Canard of Chattel Slavery Against White Lives

The Erroneous Imagery of Chattel Slavery Origin

The Inherited Chattel Slavery Institution

The Meaning of White Citizens

Two Way Black - White Race Discussion

Fire House Police Response For Blacks

George W. Bush: "Past Times - Roots of Racism"

Bill Clinton: "Today's Racism Began In Slavery"

"I Have Dream" Rev/-Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

End Homelessness NOW

The Attack Upon Homeless Black Woman  

Black Homeless Women Attacked