The Matter of Black Lives
: Open Letter I


Greetings and Shalom!

Of all the matters concerning black lives, the one  that inolves violence between primarily white police - peace officers and unarmed, but sometimes armed, particularly, young black men in which the later generally becomes deceased, or injured, prosecuted, or/and jailed, is essentially the most visible symptom of what former US President, the Hon. George W. Bush describes as "generations of injustice and oppression" against them/us.


Even former POTUS, the William "Bill" J. Clinton acknowledges the historical effects of past offenses against blacks such as chattel slavery.


The Hon. Ms. Hillary R. Clinton and the Democratic Party in support of BLM, identifies the present ordeal as a result of ongoing or continuing, "systemic racism".


Mr. Donald J. Trump and the Republican Party, also in support of the matter concerning black lives which has its roots in generations past, saying "I will help the African American".


At  the time of this writing, being a 65 year mature, Civil Rights and homelessnes resolution activist, who witnessed the 1960ís upheaval...
...I have been prepared by GOD, our Heavenly Father to inform you of your authority and power with and within the
United States government, which will gain the blessings intended for you/us.


Learn the MOST IMPORTANT Matter of black of lives, which is the little known Contitutional law, known as the 1866 Civil Rights Act, which is the Progenitor of the 14th Amendment, your/our Naional Birthright and Indentity Certificate. 


This sacred law is your federal, super citizenship Authority and Power License, of which not other US citizens possess.  In its truest essence, this law is "black privilege", "Black Power", etc.


Learn and implement it, before others "cop it", that is, steal your National Birthright and Identity Certificate.


If you are willing to listen, you will be the Guardians in this sacred matters which was secured for us by certain of our ancestors, along with 740,000 young, innocent white boys and men, plus 38,000 blacks of such, as well as the myriad and various slavery abolitionist and 1854-56 Republican Party architects of the Triad Amendmentsl of Justice for black lives.   We owe this duty to them!


So when you/we shout, "Black Lives Matter", know what you/we are talking about.


This matte of super citizenship of black citizens is the most important and sacred of all matters black lives. 


"Welcome to class"


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