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Thursday, March 3,2011

3:00 PM PCT and 6:00 PM Est


Topic  I
The "Obama Thing"
Who and What Is Barack Hussein Obama To American Black US Citizens?


The term "Thing" is not meant as a disrectful perjorative, but an actual honest inability to yet define the mysterious, unknown man who promises the nation and the CHANGE of sort.  


Clearly, Mr. Barack Hussein Obama is not in charge of the Presidency as some would like to believe, especially among certain Blacks, but rather some amorphous cadre of individuals and entities whose aimed it is to dismantle the United States of America as we believe it to be since the time of the Founding Fathers.

Therefore, we don't what the "thing" is the inhabits the the White House.

Though they don’t believe, many folks in the United States and peoples around the world no full well that US President Barack Hussein Obama is not of the West African chattel slave – Civil Rights Legacy or heritage, being that he is the son of an East African-Kenyan Muslim father and American White mother.


In fact, Mr. Obama is actually a White man with a genetic tan, especially being reared in the household of his Euro-American, Caucasian mother and grand parents, having nothing to do with cultures of the West African Americanized, Emancipated Slaves, Freedmen-Freemen, Refugees described in the Constitution of the United States.


Indeed, even his two foreign fathers one being paternally an East African-Kenyan, and the other Asian- Indonesian, also Muslim, both being strange to the societies and intents of the United States.


Essentially, Obama learned “Blackness” when living in Chicago as a young man where he converted from Islam to Christian oddly without repercussions from the Muslim umma-community.  Hmmmmmmm!


Practically everyone in the intelligent world knows this to be true, even certain  Blacks who in order to save their face for the obvious mistake that they have made in embracing the “Obama Thing” seek to justify themselves by saying that he is cleared because he married Michelle Obama, a daughter of the slaves.


Just a White slave master who forces sex with a Black slave woman does not become a slave, nor she free, so it is with the Obamas.  Barrack is not one us simply because of his relationship with Michelle! 


The sacred heritage left to us by our suffering ancestors and fore parents is not a cheap to commodity to be handed out by a mere sexual whim, especially not to one who is obviously a White racist leader of the racist Democratic Party has no affinity for the Emancipated Slaves US citizens.


We will view this false premises of the so-called first African American “Black” US President in light of his relationship with Blacks and his stand on the Rev.-Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. DREAM Act 2011 (a bill)






Thursday, February 24,2011 Broadcast: 3:00 pm PCT / 6:00 EstI

Topic I

Tribute To US Military Veterans
1888 Veterans' Land Grab (+)

Reported by Bob Rosebrock
Leader and Organizer of The Old Guard, Brentwood, California


Topic II
Re-Patriot Radio "Call To Action" Immigration Forum (+)
In Conjunction With Unite PA and Bucks Country Patriots

Sponsored By Re-Patriot Internet Radio Network and Liberty and Freedom




The Compton Cricket Club's

Compton Homies & the POPz Cricket Journey To Australia (+)



One Year Anniversary of Ted's Journey To Israel


The Martin Luther King, Jr. DREAM ACT (Bill)

The Role of the US President

Please see: The Disclaimer (+)

Not Another Government, Socialist, Welfare Program



Comprehensive Illegal Immigration Reform-Amnesties

Which Act Is Right?

The Martin Luther King, Jr. Dream Act is the ENFORCEMENT of the 14th Amendment

and its’ US Constitutional codified progenitor, the 1866 Civil Rights Act

State Senator, President of the Senate, and famed author of the SB 1070 Law says,

“ENFORCE The 14th Amendment as originally intended”

Discover the Congressional ACT and its power to stop the nightmarish Dream

Informational Introduction (+)

Hello Patriot Folks,

In this ever growing and emotionally intense matter of granting amnesty to “innocent” illegal alien children via the La Raza Hispanic/Latino-Mexican Dream Act and the shameful, twisted theft of the 14th Amendment to justify Anchorism (* anchor-babies, birthright and/or presumed and illicit citizenship), “We the

People” must do what Arizona State Senator, President of the Senate, and famed author of the SB 1070 Law says, “ENFORCE The 14th Amendment as originally intended” See more....(+)

C-ya n yo eeah-a!  See you in your ear!

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