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Black  Shield


AM and Internet Talk Show

Hosted by Ted Hayes

Co-Hosted by Terrance Lang

“American Black Patriots”


This is T.E.D. Talk at its finest

(Talk Educate and Deliver)

Every Thursday 12:00 Noon to 1:00 PM PT and 3:00 PM ET, you can now hear inspiring radio talk that moves you to become more the American Patriot that you have always aspired to be.


Anyone who is not already a Patriot, after listening and adhering to America’s Black Shield Show, you will soon become one of us.


As folks who have been receiving my communiqué’s and are familiar with the messaging of www.TedHayes.US


You are invited to listen and even call in to join the T.E.D. Talk on America ’s Black Shield Radio Show.   


Along with explaining the objectives of the America’s Black Shield concept, through a series of shows, you will learn about topics that range from the following:


* US Constitutional mandates to American Black US citizens, i.e. Emancipated Slaves as well as to all Americans and legitimate immigrant for citizenship;


* homelessness, especially in regards to illegal immigration, etc;


* Arizona SB 1070 types law throughout the nation and other and related issues;


* the Power of the 14th Amendment in light of Anchorism i.e., anchor-babies et al;


* spiritual issues such as the GOD in America and the Declaration of Independence;


* HEAling America’s slave-race “wound”, which will prevent further invasion of the United States under the guise of the Civil Rights Legacy, skin-color and the proverbial race-card “weapon”, employed the Obama, Muslim-Islamic-fascist, and Hispanic/Latino La Raza forces;


* opening each program with tribute to our US Military Veterans, etc.


Please pass this information on to your families, friends, associates and constituents.  Thank you.


Listening together on America ’s Black Shield at RePatriotRadio


All the Best of GOD to you and yours,


“For This Baby and This Baby Only”




Shalom in Jerusalem –Blessed Bethlehem



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