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Hey Patriot Folks,

With your fervent participation, it is my intent to build America’s Black Shield Internet Radio Conversation Hour into the most thought provocative, yet hopeful and visionary presentation addressing the current socio-politico racial tensions in our beloved “New Nation” as the late US President Abraham Lincoln call us.


It is clear that racial tensions this “New Nation” is unfinished business  that “We the People” of Patriots have with American Black US citizens, i.e., Emancipated Slaves-Freedmen.  Mr. Lincoln says, “the unfinished work…” and “…the great task remaining before us” Gettysburg Address November 19,1863.  See link at

Your joining with me to establish a weekly one hour America’s Black Shield show on the RePatriot, Liberty and Freedom Internet Radio Network, will allow us to can bring some very powerful individuals to the conversation.

By establishing ourselves as a host and worthy listening audience, folks like Michelle Malkin, Ann Culture, Wayne Perryman and Mason Weaver, Los Angeles Sheriff, Lee Baca, Condalezza Rice, Jaun Williams, Larry Elder, Carl Rove, Senator Russell Pierce and many of others would flock to us.

This effort is in our favor in the following ways:

·        In February 2009, US Attorney General, Mr. Eric Holder challenged Americans whom he called “cowards” to have an in-depth conversation on race; 

Ř     So far, no one with real credibility has began that that process and tensions intensify. See direct link


·        The overwhelming numbers of Americans, both White and Black no longer honor the “usual suspects” of so-called African American leaders as legitimate spokesperson, are highly disappointed with them and wished that there was or is someone else who could effectively replace them;


·        Upon study my record, listening to my public statements and reading the writings posted on www.TedHayes.US, and the fact that this internet venue exist, this host is the ideal candidate to be that long awaited for voice of reason and truth in this racial tension matters.


We can do this because of the nature of our programming, which is dealing with the foreign foes assisted by those whom are domestic who being of tan-brown skin hew are pimping the plight of Blacks as the “weapon” by which to attack America’s civil sensibilities…Jesse Jackson and crew coined as “White-guilt” complex.


NOTE: The agents of the three major points of foreign, civilian invasion into and occupation of our beloved nation are cowardly, race-baiting, whom I call “tanners, skinners and neo pseudo civil rights activists” brazenly hide their foreign agendas behind Blacks are as follows in chronological order of appearance on national scene:

·        First, The fake, civil rights La Raza Hispanic/Latino-Mexican “Bronze-Brown” neo race, illegal immigration, civilian invasion movements;

·        Second, minority, militant orders of terror soldiers holding hostage in fear the majority of Muslims, having an Islamic Callefate, “holy Jihad” mission to subject the whole world, including socialist, into the slave submission of their deity revealed by the prophet Mohammed (May GOD have Mercy on his soul and those who follow him); the mysterious, exotic, genetically-East African tanned, Barrack Hussein Obama;

·        Third, Islamic leaning, Marxist-socialist driven, US President, the Hon. Mr. Barrack Hussein Obama, a Caucasian (White) with an East African genetic tan;

Therefore, race tensions between White and Black Americans, is at the heart of the potential destruction of the United States, because it was a genetically-tanned White, Presidential candidate, Obama said the he would “fundamentally change America”!

This national hot topic, that still remains PC off limits to Patriot Americans to honestly discuss, we will be break via the movement of this uniquely different and bold show.

As American Black Shield Radio, we are the primary conversation entity and conduit which can then draw those folks whom we all would like to hear from on this topic of addressing and resolving racial tensions in our society in defense the United States of America.

At present, my constituents on e-mail list numbers around 300 individuals and the Face Book Friends are 850 plus.  That’s pretty good for a guy like me!

Some of you send my notices through your networks or e-mails and Face Book Friends of which I deeply appreciate.

What I need to know is how about how many Patriot are getting my notices, especially for America’s Black Shield Show.

Please let me know what you think!  Will you join this epic effort?

Thanks, and I look forward to hearing from and will be in touch with you.

All the Blessings of GOD to you and yours

Shalom in Jerusalem-Blessed Bethlehem



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