As Czar Homeless, I Will Execute, Implement and Effectuate EXODUS II



Czar Homeless and 1999 JSAP

According to the Justiceville, EXODUS II Strategic Plan, as the 2024 President Appointed, National, Federal, Homeless Servant Czar (HSC), dubbed, “Czar Homeless”, by the Grace, Mercy and Truth of The Most High, I will effectuate the following necessities in order successfully execute to implementation, the humane resolution to “visible”, i.e., encampments, including those of RV-auto dwellers before the July 14th. Opening Day of the 2028 Los Angeles Olympics.
See: EXODUS II: 2028 LA Olympics Initiative at

However, there is nothing precluding the Hon. US President, Joe R. Biden making such an appointment anytime before the 2024 election date, which will engender most American Africans to his attention.

On the “other hand”, former, US President, the Hon. Donald J. Trump, or any 2024, Republican or Democrat Parties candidate, as a campaign platform matter, can now begin to promise that on election night, should he be victorious, will make the appointment as his living signature of commitment to humanely resolve homelessness.

On federal laws and moral high ground causes, as Czar Homeless (TCH) I will inspire and cause a lasered, solidly singular, national, and international focused operation, which is the alignment of all individuals, organizational entities, etc., both the public-government and privates sectors, including religious, as well as social club-associations, thereby, eliminating the 35 years, failed, “wac-a-mole”, policy and practice of the White House’s “Housing First Model.”

  1. Build Strategic, Administrative “peace room” Committee, with a designated Chief of Staff to the Servant Czar Homeless

Note: Chief of Staff will be a very wealthy, retired, elderly age person(s), seeking meaningfulness in their souls, and family name legacies

  1. Recruit, build, train, Domestic Peace Corps (DPC). See Domestic Peace Corps at domesticpeacecorps.orgIt’s this element, which is at the heart and center of EXODUS II, or any other programs designed to empower homeless persons, without which neither it or they can succeed.This is one of the primary reasons for the continued failures of social service programs to succeed in this quests to “help the homeless”

See: The Domestic Peace Corps

  1. Execute Judgement and Justice
    “Thus saith the Lord; Execute ye judgment and righteousness, and deliver the spoiled out of the hand of the oppressor: and do no wrong, do no violence to the stranger, the fatherless, nor the widow, neither shed innocent blood in this place.” (Jeremiah 22:3)

Note: “Judgement” means to discern between right and wrong, followed by “Justice” which respond according to the edicts of the Torah-Tanakh

Via the Pentagon, the Department of Defense (DOD) Department of Justice (DOJ), the White Chief Counsel, the President, I will initiate the primary, root or foundational causes of homelessness, particularly that of black citizens of the only, and exclusive, US federal, super citizenship status.

Of course, along with the national reality of the overwhelming, disproportionate numbers and complexities of black citizens forced into homelessness, the investigation begins in Los Angeles, being the Homelessness National Capital and that of US military Veterans.

See: Black Homelessness: Federal, 1866/14th Amendment Act, Civil Rights Violation

  1. Launch Campaigns of Awareness and Patriotic Commitment
  2. General public
  3. Homeless
  4. Black citizens
  5. International Embassies and their Consulates
  6. Underground, Criminal Organizations
  7. Law enforcement and First Responders
  8. Military



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