The Activism Videos

“Heal America”, Best Director of the January 2023, Chamballa International Indian Film Festival
“Justiceville”, 1988 Emmy Award winning documentary about the origins of the LA, Hawaii, National homeless encampment movement of today.
Part I and Part II

“Eye Witness Dome Village Five Episodes On A Closeup Look Inside Dome Village

October 2019 Message From Ted To POTUS Trump on Homelessness Resolution

* OMINOUS WARNING/ALERT of Pending Military Enforced Homeless Relocation
“Potential Military Enforcement Relocation of Homeless” vs. “EXODUS II”

VIDEO: Message To Trump While Being Arrested of of federal land by the LA Police Department.
As a US federalized, black citizen, I called upon President Trump to intervene, of which he did not.
The longer version

Special: CRICKET OUTTA COMPTON Documentary

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