The Great, Exclusive, Federal Black Citizens and US Military Relationship


A too often not acknowledge by others, but mostly of ourselves, that American African, United States (US) black citizens of the only, and exclusive federalized, super citizenship, are, have been, and always will be the greatest patriots fiercely loyal to America’s Ideals of GOD bestowed “inalienable rights, among them, Life, Liberty and Pursuit of Happiness”, i.e., property, material and/or intellectual, including federal laws.

Note: “super citizenship” – See, “Battering Ram Citizenship”

Without doubt, from the earliest America’s history, American Africans have always been deeply associated with the US military, in these two forms:

  1. since the 1776 Revolutionary War, right through all other succeeding of America’s wars (domestic and foreign), to the present of 2023, American African have courageously fought in the military ranks in the Union’s interest of this Nordu Ordu Seclurum – “New Order of the Ages”, Republican Form of Government of our E Pluribus Unum –“Out of Many One…nation under GOD”, Who Is Annuit Coeptis – “HE-GOD Has Favored Our Undertaking” to exercise the freedoms granted to all human beings.

    This is why the Declaration of Independence states in Sentence VIII saying,  “…appealing to the Supreme Judge of the world for the rectitude of our intentions…”

    “our intentions” meaning, that on behalf of We the People, in the name this freedom GOD gifted, the United States (Colonies) made and continues to make this separation from its “strong man”, military-drive, tyrannical, monarchy, dictatorship, British-Christian based, mother country……even to the point of violent, guerilla, bloody revolution against her, in the name of The Creator, Who created all human beings equally.

  2. during the US Civil War (1861-1865), the most sacred and greatest era of Republic, American Africans significantly helped to liberate at the time, generations-destroying, 245 years of their/our chattel enslaved ancestors, Congressionally deemed the worst crime against humanity in documented world history.So great was our ancestors during the greatest era of US history, that President Lincoln remarked that without the “Colored or Black Troops”, the Union would have been lost.

Note: Tragically, they/we, i.e., the Buffalo Soldiers participated in the post-Civil War era, genocidal wars against the Plains and Western, and South Western Indigenous Peoples (Indians).  Another foundational matter that must be discussed and properly resolved.

Again, demonstrating our patriotic loyalty to USA interest, either for better or worse.
Federal black citizens have historically taken highly serious, the words – of the laws written by those who are considered white-Caucasian (i.e., English Islanders, etc., of willing, American immigration heritage), such as; the United States Constitution’s Preamble, the heart of our Constitutional Black Power, even Citizen’s de facto “Oath of Office”, by which they/we consistently conduct our struggle, “to more the Union, establish Justice, ensure Domestic Tranquility…” 

  1. During Civil War era, our ancestors became truly endeared to, talking ownership of, and even by federal law, become the direct ward of the Union’s military Armed Forces, thereby legally designating it our great, GOD-decreed, Protector of us, the Protectorate.The January 1,1863 Emancipation Proclamation Executive Order (EPEO) issued by President Abraham Lincoln, actually was not initiated him, but rather, that of certain, Most High inspired, Union Army generals, and Radical Republican Congressional legislators.

    This cadre of pragmatic moralist, correctly reasoned that whenever the Union’s federal troops won a battle in the South, all slaves of the region were liberated into freedom (not white citizenship), and thereby enjoined themselves to the marching soldiers whereat they found refuge, sanctuary-protection from the Confederacy elements, along with daily sustenance of food and water, but most importantly, the tranquility of such liberation, etc.

    Of course, President Lincoln, eventually relented to the intent of the Confiscations Acts is upon that which he and The MOST HIGH, El Shaddai, The LORD of Host (Heavenly Armies) made covenant with and was met, Mr. Lincoln fulfilled his vow his part in the great agreement, which as the Union army’s Commander In Chief issued Executive Ordered Proclamation #95, being the Preliminary Emancipation Proclamation dated, September 22,1861, and fully enacted it intriguingly on New Years Day, January 1,1863.

Many liberated chattel slaves even joined the fight as soldiers, spies and guides to the Union forces, as well as many were already serving in the US Navy, though at a significantly lower pay wage than the white citizen sailors.

This action of the military became such a matter, that led by the certain generals and federal legislators, Congress launched into its first great debate on the identity, purpose and freedom of American African chattel slaves.

This debate led to the legislated and enactment of two laws, and one Resolution advocated by President Lincoln, which became the foundation of the Emancipation Proclamation, they are; the First (August 6,1861, and Second (July 17,1862), Confiscation Acts.

See: The Confiscation Acts

These great Acts helped the Union military, because they liberated chattel slaves could supply the Armed Forces with information to gain a strategic advantage over the Confederate armies.

Section 1 targeted treason

Section 2 more broadly targeted insurrection and rebellion

Section 3 disqualified anyone who commits these offenses from serving in any federal office.

These provisions regarding insurrection, rebellion, and disqualification remain substantially the same in the United States Code today.

Note: Neither the Act, nor the federal Constitution defines “insurrection” or “rebellion”, but Supreme Court precedent understands the former term to mean any uprising against the lawful authority of the government, and the latter to mean such an uprising that has organized itself within a particular territory

The Supreme Court has not yet, but must now in 2023, define “insurrection” based on what the standard set by the rebellious insurrectionist Confederacy of 1861-1865, primarily over the matter of chattel slavery.

OMINOUS WARNING/ALERT of Pending Military Enforced Homeless Relocation
“Potential Military Enforcement Relocation of Homeless”

* Special Oct. 2019 Message to President Trump

(Also See: “HEAL AMERICA The Docu-Movie)


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