Trump vs Hayes Directory: Trump Military Agenda vs Hayes EXODUS II Nat’l Strategic Plan

The Only Two Strategic National Plans In America To Resolve Homelessness
Money “Poor” Man   | Money  “Rich” Man
* Which Do You Prefer? Choose One! Ted’s or Trumps?
The Fate of This Union Republic, Your Beloved Country Depends On It


Hayes: EXODUS II: 2018 LA Olympics Homeless Resolution Initiative:
Homeless, VOLUNTARY, Humane (Non-Military), Exit, i.e., EXODUS From Urban Centers,…
…Into Permanent, Upward, Productive Mobility, Government Chartered,…
….Planned Communities On Federal Lands.

Trump:  “Huge Tent Cities” On Federal Lands.
Homeless, Militarily FORCE Into Permanent Tent Cities
i.e., Internment Camps of “No Return” To Mainstream Society
Due To the High Cost of Daily Living, and Overpopulation

Why I Voted Twice For Donald Trump!
> The GREATEST QUESTION and (Narrative) 2024, Republican Presidential Candidates, including Democrat, and Otherwise
> LA 2028, Potential Military Forced Relocation of Homeless, US Federal, Black Citizens (A)

The 2019 Messages Video Messages To President Trump

Trump’s Military Enforcement Proclamations
 > Mr. Trump’s First Homelessness Military Enforced Relocation (July 27, 2022)
Mr. Trump’s Second Homelessness Military Enforced Relocation (The “double down” – April 18, 2023)

The Evolution Of The Trump Homelessness Resolution Policies

Preventative – Alternative Resolution
Preventing Pending Military Action Against Every US Citizen, via The Homeless
> The Alternative To Military-Enforced Relocation of Homeless I
> The Alternative To Military Enforced Relocation of Homeless II

The Tale of Two Trump Cities: One For The Poor, One For The Wealthy
> Narrative I, “The Prevailing Winds”
> Narrative II, “Federal Land Usage”
   Note: This is the information from which Mr. Trump forged his Ten “Freedom Cities” of 21st Century, high technological communities

> Narrative II, “Strategic Plan ‘Off the Streets onto Federal Lands”Narrative IV: “The Trump Policy On Military Enforced Homeless Relocation”

Also, see: “EGIIP” and Summary

“LA 2028, Potential Military Forced Relocation of Homeless, US Federal, Black Citizens (A)

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