We the People’s Federal Homeless Servant Czar

 (Ted Hayes)  (vote-directory)

  1. First, as the 2024 President Appointed, Homeless Servant Czar (HSC) with all the authorities associated with such a position, under direct, Presidential and military jurisdictions, is one of the first matters implemented are the following:
    Also See: What is essentially, my developing campaign platform, “The Essence of HSC” https://tedhayes.us/chief/ | “I Will Effectuate” https://tedhayes.us/will/
  2. “Operation Unify”
    Presidential mandate every state, county, and municipality, including social services, receiving federal funding, for homelessness resolution, alter their respectful mission purposes, to immediately align themselves with that of the Presidents, i.e., EXODUS II, or such taxpayer’s dollars will be cut off or denied, thereby enforcing cooperation, as discussed in the 1999 JSAP, Sec. IV. “Action Request”. See attached. 

    This ends the undocumented policy and practice of certain government jurisdictions, sending their homeless clientele, etc., to that of others, dubbed, “One-way Ticket, Greyhound, Amtrack, Airflight Therapy”.

Domestic homeless “snowbirds” or “snow-birding” is significantly mitigated, professional and civilian volunteering resources, in personnel and materials, including transitioning tools of EXODUS II i.e., the Presidential Plan, are available…noting “A”.


  1. “Operation Volunteer” “Let My People Go”
    The POTUS Plan, i.e., EXODUS II, consists of homeless persons voluntarily relocating away from the urban-suburban centers, into meticulously planned, socially mixed, government chartered, 21st Century, high and low technological, as well as labor intensive, multi-social status mixed populations of villages, townships, small cities, etc.

These refuges, or sanctuary communities have all the amenities of a well-functioning city including: governmental structure, in which “citizens” are duly elected to mayorships, councils, mangers, attorneys, police, fire, and EMT departments; various forms of high and low businesses, such as IT; including labor intensive manufacturing; gainful employment and entrepreneur opportunities; hospitals; institutions of education, even of higher learning; parks, theaters, sporting, etc.


See: “Short Summary of EGIIP” https://domevillage.us/shortsum/ | “Transitioning Off The Streets” https://nf2now.com/str-fedland/  | “Township Option https://domesticpeacecorps.org/town/ | www.exodusii.com

  1. Rehabilitation To Where?
    Regardless, of the intensity and innovativeness of various forms of rehabilitation programs, and job training, it’s futile and insane to rehab, i.e., return “homeless” persons back into the same conditional situations, that drove them to mental and emotional disorders like depressions, subsequent substance addictions, even petty criminal behavior, trouble with law enforcement, including incarcerations, broken family and friends relationships, fired or quitting employment, deeply in debt, etc.All the afore mentioned are the driving elements of the associated, multi-level, multi-billion dollars industries, as they are human “cash crops”, i.e., the homelessness industrial complex (HIC), and that of the prisons (PIC), the two being closely akin.

By the way, we posted this specific matter to the Clinton White House top staff, in which Presidential, Chief Council, Charles Ruff, affirmed the Constitutional correctness of our assertions, but the HUD Secretary, Andrew Cuomo shut it down, as the Cuomo family is the “godfather” of the PIC.

In fact, shortly thereafter, he tried to shut down Dome Village, in vain hopes of quelling our very visible, living, “Exhibition A”, testimonial witness for the need of EXODUS II, which is designed to simultaneously and systematically, replace both, of these two, anti-black, systemic racist industries, with those of rectifying healings, based on the 2008 Official Apology Resolution, HR #194 (Simple) “For Slavery and Jim Crowism”. See attached

  1. Educate Re-Imagine Homelessness
    See: “Mainstream Resistance” at https://domesticpeacecorps.org/mstr/
    See attached: “Re-Imagine Homelessness

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