“PACE” Narrative: Trump Military Forced Relocation of Homeless Into Internment Camps

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All 2024, US Presidential Candidates, whether Republican, Democrat, and/or Independent, As Well As Every Cognizant, We the People Americans, Are Now Challenged With The Greatest, Republican Union’s Most, MORAL HIGH GROUND Decision In US History, Since The Civil War To End Chattel Slavery Era.


Do you agree with the Trump 2024 Intent, that as then President, he will resolve homelessness “in one day”, by deploying the US Military and/or federalized, State National Guards, to forcefully relocate all homeless, US citizens out of urban centers, into permanent, internment camps on federal lands before the July 14th Opening Day of the 2028 LA Olympics.

If Yes, Why?  In No, Why Not, and What is your alternative?

Like-love or despise-hate him, former, US President, the Hon. Donald J. Trump (#45) has proposed to all Americans, the greatest, most significant, National, Moral Highest Ground, and Constitutional Legal question in 247 years, US history, and perhaps, that of the whole, recorded world.

As with the signing controversy of the US Declaration of Independence (July 204,1776), in which The Most High GOD Is The Central Figure; the Civil War (1861-1865); and now the national security threat of homelessness, American-Africans of chattel slavery heritage and descent, are in the middle of it.

On July 27,2022, Donald  Trump  stated that as 2024, re-elected, he will resolve homelessness by deploying the military, federal and/or federalized state national guard to force relocate homeless from the urban, suburban, rural towns, all homeless US citizens, permanently into “huge tent cities” on federal lands.

This is the greatest, national security matter in US history since the Civil War era, particularly as it relates to homeless, American African, federal, black citizens.

Being only 11% of the national population, black citizens are over 60% of the homeless-destitute, and in LA, its National Capital, as a mere 8-9% of city and county, they are over 40% of homelessness respectively, and on Skid Row, over 90% are of male, black citizens, followed by that of said females.

US, federal, black citizens primarily dwell in major urban centers, where the predominance of homeless persons are American Africans, the only peoples of chattel slavery descent and heritage, as well as Jim Crow Survivors, therefore being of such, a military action would disaffect them more than “anybody else.”

The “Pace” That Wins The Race Has Been Set

Mr. Trump has “set the pace”, having the “pole” position, thereby setting up the ultimate matter which will elect the 2024 POTUS.

To all 2024 President candidates, as POTUS, will or will you not, implement the military action.

If not, why aren’t the candidates of both parties and otherwise challenging his “Nazi-like” intents for homeless, US citizens, especially they whom are the chattel slave descendants?

Therefore, it’s imperative that We the People, particularly, black citizens, know these candidates response to Donald Trumps’ bold, “in your face” moral, and legal challenge on this matter, as that must be resolved between 2024 and before the 2028 Olympics.

By this dangerous intent, position and postulation, Mr. Trump has set the “pace” for the others to catch up with, and dare challenge him.

They also scoffed at Hitler’s buffoonery threats against Askenazi Jews, and the “verminous” threats to public health and safety of society, i.e., the mentally ill, aged, disabled, homeless “bums”, drug and alcohol addicts, petty criminals, et al, were rapidly and quietly taken away, most, never to be seen on this again on this earth…unfortunately, to the delight and/or indifference from the general populations.

That is, until they became the next victims of fascism.

Thanks for your interest and willing to ask question,


Ted Hayes
De-facto, Yet To Appointed, 2024 Czar Homeless

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