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After 35 years, Three and A Half (3 1/2) Decades (1987-2023) the federal government via its 1987 Congressionally established in the White House of the Executive Branch, the US Interagency Council On Homelessness (USICH), under the auspices of the Domestic Policy Council (DPC), has woefully failed in its commission to humanely resolve “visible” homelessness.

The federal government did and does continue to fund and Sponsor Homelessness Social Services to resolve homelessness has failed, and is continuing to fail, and thereby these entities transformed into a thriving, multi-billion tax payers’ dollars, into a industrial complex, akin to that of the Prison Industrial Complex (PIC), Both of Which Are Stealth Forms of Human Trafficking

The Federal Governments Failed Strategic Plans
American taxpayers paid multi-billions of dollars
to social service programs founded on the false, erroneous, misguided White House policy of “The Housing First Model”, which the providers shamelessly spent on themselves, in what evolved in a lucrative business, dubbed, homelessness industrial complex (HIC), akin to that of prison industrial complex (PIC).

Subsequently, throughout our beloved Republican Form of Government country, understandably frustrated, local, community storefront retail proprietors, property owners, and neighborhood residents, including police, recognizes the abject failures of the HIC, as well as municipal, country and state law enforcement, which is not legally responsible, therefore, lacking the resources to resolve homelessness.

This inability of the federal and local governments have “left behind” the aforementioned stakeholders in frustrated and hopeless state, daily becoming more open to just simply forcefully removing the homeless elsewhere, and if necessary by military enforcement.

Federal Government, White House Admitted Failures
On its website, the USICH admits to its 35 years of inability to meet its Congressional 1987 Congressional obligations, even causing homelessness to become worse and far more complicated. See:

The USICH has always chosen classy themes announcing their strategic national plan, but always resulting in further failure.

In fact over its 35 years, it launch four (4) along with its “Breaking the Cycle of Homeless….._” they are: Opening Doors (2010) | Opening Doors (2015) | Home, Together (2018) | Expanding the Toolbox (2020).

See this list along with other useless, “word salad” rhetoric housed at the USICH website at

Depicting the scale of troubles that the USICH is in, started in January 2023, with its’ new strategic national plan, cleverly dubbed “All In”, a card gambling, poker game move, but recognizing this too is flawed, the executive director has been ordered to no add the term “Inside”, therefore, now being “All Inside”.

This “All Inside” theme is based on what the Hon. LA Mayor, Ms. Karen Bass has launched since November of 2022, with the promise that of the circa 60,000 persons, dwelling outside, that is, in the streets, visible, etc., her plan will “house” 17,000, but 47,000 OUTSIDE, “left behind” with more US citizens daily becoming homeless.

In fact, the USICH “All Inside” states it will house 25% of the “visible” homeless, thereby 75% are “left behind” to a horrible fate of forced military relocation into permnent, internment camps.

The Foreign Nationals’ Homelessness Incursion
Furthermore, as of January 20,2021, the first day of the Biden Presidential Administration, at the invitation of the Hon. President Joe R. Biden, over 7,000,000 foreign nationals, dubbed “migrants” have illegally crossed the southern border of the USA and injected themselves into our Unions economy, social justice, economic, civic and cultural systems, with at least another 1-2 million so called “got aways”.

These “got aways” are individuals or groups with nefarious intentions to hurt the people and government apparatus of our Union Republic.

As it presently is, the federal government, et al, can’t humanely be effective in resolving the homelessness of the millions of domestic Americans, are now confronted with so called “migrants” who are also homeless and scattered throughout our country undocumented.

Therefore, surely it only jests when the White House says via its new plan, “All Inside” will resolve domestic homelessness.

As a result of these colossal, nation-threatening failures, presently, there is and has been for decades, high level, undocumented discussions within the federal and local governments, to deploy military federal regulars and/or Presidential federalized, National Guards to force relocate domestic homeless persons away from urban-suburban areas into detention centers and/or concentration camps.

Surprise From The Mayor of Los Angeles
Actually, the Hon. Mayor of LA, the National Homelessness Capital, privately believes in and is working towards use of the military, stating that is only sensible, practical thing to do resolve homelessness, being that is far beyond the traditional means of resolving it.

Of course, such an action would be fatal to the Union thereby losing our Republic, because We the People allowed the military to force resolve a societal caused social malady, instead by the powers of the US Constitution, etc.,

On July 27,2022, former US President, the Hon. Donald J. Trump announced what since has become a central “plank”, promise to relocate all the homeless outside of towns into “huge tent cities” of no return by military force.

Yet, nobody, not even the Biden Administration has not posed any credible challenge to this self-nation-destroying, i.e. suicide madness, as though like Ms. Bass privately agree with the tactic.

Along with the growing urgency from neighborhoods to get the homeless “otta here” by any means necessary, looming quickly is the 2028 Olympics, preceded by the 2026 World Cup Soccer, putting greater impetus to deploy the military.

Therefore, the only person in America with the full understanding of the “nation under GOD”, moral high ground cause, combined with the empowerment of federal, i.e., Presidential law who can direct the humane resolution to “visible” homelessness, is Ted Hayes, as Homeless Czar.

For more information on this matter of military forced relocation, see:





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