The Alternative to Military Enforced Homeless Relocation

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Into Permanent, Internment-Concentration Camps
Can anything good come out of Skid Row.  Yes, the salvation of a nation”
“Think globally, act locally” What better local than LA!

EXODUS II 2028 LA Olympics Initiative (A)
US Military Enforcement To National Destruction
See (B)

The Justiceville Strategic Plan is simply one of voluntary, depopulation of overpopulated urban centers, including their suburbs,…
…by a vigorous, visionary, US Presidential driven process of rapid, decentralization,…
…thereby equitably redistributing and balancing the human pressures upon the living earth.

The Higher Intelligence(s) of  Nature, i.e., Universe and Earth, both being living, thinking entities under the auspice of Their Creator GOD-Himself,…
…have deemed and decreed that the homeless, having no roots in mainstream society, being cast-forced out,…
…serve as the moral catalyst in the National Homeless(ness) Capital as the USA model, to be emulated globaly.  No excuses!

This seemingly daunting, massive, but necessary task, must be achieved by both the private and public sectors, initiated and driven by Presidential Executive Orders leadership…
…of which the President would comply with the local, NHC government’s Resolutions legislated by the LA City Council and Board of Supervisors, including Santa Monica City Council, as well as a team of legendary, law enforcement Chiefs of municipal, county, and state jurisdictions.

This well-organized, orchestrated measure will rapidly reduce the stresses that cause voluminous and varied mental illnesses in populations of all socioeconomic scales:
…as well as consuming “pain escaping” indulgences of liquid intoxicants and narcotic substances;
…including psychiatric prescribed, psychotropic drugs for the mental stabilities of most people striving to work and live “happily” in mainstream society, according to the ever illusive, American Dream.

Medical science states that 85-90% of hospitalizations are caused the high levels of stress in a visionless, therefore hopeless society,…
…caused by overpopulation in urban centers, which is an abomination practice to Nature and its Creator-GOD, Who admonished against urbanization circa 5,000 years ago.

However, as the process of depopulation begins, and overpopulation decreases, humanity will naturally and spiritually be transcending into proper, sane thinking and behavior conducive to a just, equitable, peaceful, civil society.

The social malady of homeless people is simply the subsequent manifestation of society’s ills but, are “gaslighted” as criminals by the same.

“Homelessness is the ultimate statement of what is wrong with society.” (The Hon. Maxine Waters)

It is therefore understandable why people who have been forced out of society, but into the public health and safety outlawed zones of homelessness, and therefore, have adapted, acclimated, and even become one with homelessness, thereby discovering freedom from the bondages of mainstream society.

Said homeless persons have found tranquility in what mainstream view as misery.

If homelessness, per se, is to be humanely resolved according to the abundance of capabilities of We the People of the United States, it is imperative that We the People re-imagine it.

Since its Congressional inception and establishment by the 1987 Stuart McKinney Act (35 years ago),…
…the policymakers of the White House Domestic Policy Council (DPC), directed the US Interagency Council On Homelessness (USICH),…
…to espouse the now proven failed, “Housing First” model policy, which has resulted in the huge, choking “bottleneck” situation of housing homeless persons in the mainstream stream,…
…of which 98% of them who are capable of holding regular, “9-5 punch the clock” jobs, they deem slavery, are correctly refusing them.

The government-funded social services have therefore related their homeless outreach work around the failed “housing first” model, subsequently resulting in wasting billions of taxpayers’ dollars for nothing, hence, making homelessness worse.



  1. The Burning Mansion
  2. A huge, beautiful mansion ablaze in fire;
  3. People escaping it, running away from it coughing and knocking flames off their clothing and hair;
  4. The fire department equipment arrives, and the personnel thereof leap from their vehicles running towards the fleeing persons yelling at them to return to the mansion.


  1. The burning mansion is the mainstream society;
  2. The escaping people are the homeless, being driven from the structure or system by the heat of its fire, i.e., stressed of the mainstream;
  3. The fire department personnel are the social service providers espousing “housing first” related, rehabilitation programs designed to transition homeless back into the society-fire which initially drove them into homelessness.

2. Slave Off The Plantation – Taste of Inadvertent Freedom

  1. Slave inadvertently wonders of plantation and doesn’t want to return;
  2. The slave master catches up with him and admonishes him to return to plantation slavery;
  3. Slave says “No sir, massa”
  4. Master speaks kindly as says that upon the slave’s return, he will have better living quarters and food, even make a little money;
  5. Slave says “No sir, massa”
  6. Master growls angrily, “Return or I will whip you”;
  7. Slave says, “No sir, massa”;
  8. Master says, Return or I will lynch you”;
  9. The slave says, “You just go right ahead, massa sir”
  10. Master says, “You are living the filthy misery of a swamp, you are hungry, naked, and afraid. Why won’t you return to a better life?”
  11. The slave says, “Cause I’z free massa sir. I’d rather be dead and buried in my grave than to live my life on my knees as a slave.”

Such is the essence of homelessness, and it is now developing, counter-culture, and why it’s imperative to re-imagine homelessness in such a way.
See “Mainstream Resistance”.

Therefore, when speaking of mental illnesses in the “gaslighting” of homeless persons by trying to coerce them back into the situation, i.e., “burning mansion”, is the true definition of such societal sickness, whereas, the former are demonstrating signs of sanity.

Such is the essence of homelessness, and it is now developing, counter-culture, and why it’s imperative to re-imagine homelessness in such a way.

From its 1985 inception, Justiceville has always espoused 3 basic components to resolve chronic, visible homelessness, they being:

  1. Presidential Executive Order to implement a strategic national policy and plan;
  2. Federal land usage
  3. Homeless voluntarily relocate and resettle on such lands, in the model of the first, willing immigrant British/English Isle-European into America model, as they two were homeless, having been pushed out of their fathers’ homeland by society stresses.

See below “Elements and Formula For Successful, Permanent Resolution” for global emulation.

See: General Letter To the POTUS
Also, “The Biden and Letters

Bidng letters #57-63 most recent, and last communications with his administration

Justiceville: The Beginning and The Ending
Born in the depths of the Los Angeles Skid Row, Justiceville is the first politically oriented (non-electoral) encampment of homeless peoples in the United States, created, named, and led by Civil Rights/social activist Ted Hayes, who voluntarily entered the worlds of homelessness.
See: See: “Give Me Shelter – Ted Story” at

In doing so, it was/is the intent of Ted to grasp a direct, first-hand, lived experience in homelessness in order to understand its nature, i.e., learn the causes for present-to-future articulation to world of the matter, and seek a humane (non-military enforced) resolution.

In Justiceville, Ted initiated, the first, and remains to this, day, 38 years later, the only, uncontested, basic “blueprint”, comprehensive, strategic, national policy and plan to humanely that resolves, chronic-visible homelessness throughout the United States within a set period of time to be determined.

Over those near four decades of consistent activism, the Justiceville, “The National Homeless Plan” (NHP), is now dubbed, EXODUS II: 2028 LA Olympics Initiative, which forecasts that when properly implemented, would have resolved visible homelessness throughout America, beginning in Los Angeles by the July 14th, Opening Day Olympiad.

The Elements or Formula for Successful Resolution

  1. First, Presidential Executive Order to cut through traditional, stifling “red tape” bureaucracy, political partisanship, social services competition for funds, etc.,
    See: “Presidential Executive Order – Intro” at | “Resolution by Executive Order” at | “JFK Moon Shot” at
    To assist the President, is office of Czar Homeless at | “I Pledge” at
  2. Second, Federal Lands, all federal surplus resources including materials, equipment, properties, such as buildings, land, even decommissioned military bases, etc.,See: “Title V McKinney-Vento Act” which Justiceville activist alone lobbied Congress for in 1986, becoming law in 1987, and remains active. Public Law 101-645 (42 U.S.C. 11411), enables eligible organizations to use unutilized, underutilized, excess, and surplus Federal properties to assist persons experiencing homelessness.
  3. Third, the Domestic Peace Corps (DPC) based on the unprecedented advent experiences of Ted Hayes’ voluntary amalgamation among the homeless;See: “The Continuing Saga” at | “DPC Mission” at | “About DPC” “Why DPC” at “DPC Troopers” at | “DPC Recruitment” at | “DPC Training” at | “DPC Functionality I” at | “DPC Functionality at
  4. Fourth, Planned, 21st Century Tech Cities – Led by the DPC, voluntary, transitional relocation into government chartered, villages, townships, cities, of a mixed populated by former (post transitioned) homeless and non-homeless persons seeking a new American pioneering experience.

See: “Chartered Townships” | “Off Streets, Onto Fed Lands” at | “EGIIP – Exodus Genesis, Incentive Initiative Plan” at | “Skid Row or Voluntary Townships” at

Note: This strategic plan is based on the Biblical – Hebrew Holy Scripture, i.e., Tanakh, which is the first Exodus of the ancient Israelites from the bondage of Egypt, now morphed into EXODUS II.

The 1999 JSAP (Joint Statement and Action Plan of the Law Enforcement Working Group) at and

Note: At end of JSAP, see the list of LA local governments Resolutions calling for Presidential involvement, even before it.  Also, attached are the documents and letter to POTUS concerning them.

See: JASP and Local Government Resolutions

US Military Enforcement To National Destruction, or EXODUS II Freedom For All
Can anything good come out of Skid Row.  Yes, the salvation of a nation”

“Think globally, act locally” What better locale than LA!

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