Let. Chair Joint Chief of Staff, US Military, The Pentagon: Introduction

(Ted Hayes) (military-directory) (proclamation-directory)

Re: Preventing The Potential Military Enforced Relocation of Homeless To “huge tent cities”, i.e., Permanent, Internment Camps

Greetings General, Charles Q. Brown, Jr., Shalom!
(cc. The Hon. Lloyd Austin, Sec. of Defense)

Part I: Introduction
Sir, this is Ted Hayes, a United States, social activist in the matters of Civil Rights, particularly as it relates to US, black citizens of federal, super citizenship status, homelessness, and of all military veterans. et al.

My 39 years, voluntary years, record reveals, that has always been my objective dating back to 1985, and will continue to be so until completion.

My/Justicevilles intend to initiate:

  1. the humane (nonmilitary force) resolutions to homelessness;
  2. and conjointly, it’s imperative to promulgate the Union saving reconciliation healing from, to date, 404 years of “racial” wounds to the whole generational collective, body politic of white-black citizens.

This matters in/our Republic will also determine its final, definitive nature for all the world, and The Most High GOD to witness, even by the living, Universe, and earth.

Sir, as my writing capacity is extremely limited, my team and I, to properly address this national security threatening matter, are requesting, at your convenience – emergency emphasized, an audience with you to discuss the theme of this letter, first by Zoom, followed by in-person.

Also, due to the amount of content, to be as clear and succinct as possible, this letter is set in seven Parts, each being near, connecting with the other’s thought, within itself.

The portfolio of my life-long, social activism, dates back to the late 1960s, 1970s, and on, especially of the last 38 years in which I voluntarily dwelt for eight years with homeless persons, as a social activist, from the sidewalks of Skid Row, Los Angeles, the National Homelessness Capital, and that of homeless, military veterans.

Until we meet in person, of necessity, this work is a bit long, intended to encourage you to fully hear and heed a matter of unprecedented, domestic, life or death, freedom or enslavement of all US citizens, particularly those who are American Africans of chattel slavery and Jim Crow descent and heritages.

My father, Sgt. Theodore R. Hayes, Sr., was a US Army Combat Veteran of WWII, assigned to the segregated military 92nd Infantry Division, dubbed “the Black Buffalo, i.e., Buffalo Soldiers”, the inherent descendants of “Lincolns Colored Troops” of the Civil War; and Korean War Army combatant fighter, receiving a Purple Heart in each conflict.  Hence, I’m the eldest son of a Buffalo Soldier!

Also, three of my four brothers served our country in the US Army.

Part II: The Matter of National Security Threat, Is –
The Trump Proposed Military Enforced Relocation of  Homeless Into Internment Camps Agenda
On July 27, 2022,
former, US President, the Hon. Donald J. Trump pronounced that he intends to deploy the military, whether regular, federal active-duty personnel or/and federalized, state national guard, to enforce the relocation of homeless, civilian, non-combatant, US citizens from urban centers into “huge tent cities” (his words) “on federal-cheap lands in day” (his words), thereby, ultimately threatening all US citizens, particularly, disaffecting those of generations-destroying, 245 years chattel slavery and 99 years of Jim Crow heritages, i.e., American African, black citizens of federalized super citizenship status.

In the Context of Federalized Black Citizens
Ironically, in August 2011, Mr. Biden forewarned black citizens that the Republicans “are gonna put ya’ll back in chains”, then 11 years later, a Republican Presidential candidate, is essentially pronouncing policy that aligns with his predictions, yet, as of August 27, 2023, he refuses to resist it, and protect us, causing even more suspicion.

As in nearly every national, negative statistical, social calamity, American African, US black citizens of the first, only, exclusive, federal, super citizenship status, are far more disaffected in them than all other ethno-racial-national-religious and various other identities in America.

We federal black citizens are naturally in direct “line of fire” to be the first and hardest hit by any rogue, military operation against US citizens, societal forced into such a dangerously precarious, situational circumstance.

Part III:  Legal Doubt About Implementation of Military Enforcement?
The three matters that make such likely are:

  1. Over the decades since the PCA establishment, its original intent has been eroding in favor of “necessary”, federal, military involvement in domestic civilian affairs;
  2. along with mayors and governors summoning the President for such assistance, including active-duty and national guard troops to quell civil disturbances, i.e., riots, etc.;
  3. “whenever the President” deems/believes it necessary, particularly in the matter of the 1866-68 Civil Rights/14th Amendment Act concerning the special protection of American African, black citizens, as historically demonstrated by the Hon. Presidents: John K. Kennedy; Dwight D. Eisenhower; Ulysses Grant; and the first, Abraham Lincoln, overrode local authorities, and all other such “legal” restriction, such as those of slavery and Black Code-Jim Crow legislation.

Whenever the President of the United States shall have reason to believe that offenses have been or are likely to be committed against the provisions of this act…it shall be lawful for him, in his discretion…for the more speedy arrest and trial of persons charged with a violation of this act; (edits-mine)

Nonetheless, history also reveals that certain federal government employees, both elected and appointed, including in military uniform, have broken and violated many treaties and agreements of promise to several groups of American peoples, notably, the Indigenous to this land.

So there are no guarantees other than civilian citizens being acutely aware of their own Preamble duties and responsibilities to exercise their bequeathed, We the People authority to operate the Constitution accordingly.

Part IV: The Two Presidents Alarming Indications For Military Enforcement

1.  First, The Trump Administration

In the autumn of 2019, we, the Justiceville, White House Negotiating A-Team twice raised this matter to the Trump Administration.
Upon doing so, staff seemed shocked with surprise and anger, rebuked the notion, asking where we got such misinformation, and that there was no documentation of policy utilizing the military to force resolve homelessness.  This response caused some real suspicion!

Alarmingly, validating the “necessary”, Trump political-military agenda, there is a rapid increase in local, i.e., state, county, municipal anti-vagrancy, anti-homeless legislation-based codes of public health and safety.

Presently, while there is a great lack of proper resources in judicial-correctional systems, such legislation can’t be enforced by law enforcement entities, society has cleverly  “jacketed” its homeless victims as outlaws, thereby, preparing-justifying them for said military action.

Note: When simple, common sense public health and safety laws can’t be enforced due to a lack of personnel and resources, society is in the early warning stages of a growing apocalypse.

Interestingly, the Trump Administration was not being accused, but rather, it was stated that there is a growing, understandable sentiment within communities and neighborhoods, reasoning after the now-known billions of taxpayers’ dollars failure by the social services industries, perhaps, it was time for the national guard to intervene, therefore, implement the Justiceville preventive plan.  Of course, the administration rejected our plea, causing even more suspicion!

2.  The Biden Administration
Since the July 27, 2022, Trump military pronouncement, after over 11 months, and many respectful letters of request to President Biden to counter the Trump agenda, nor anyone else’s, or entities’ such plan, has been to no avail, as he has so far, refused to even respond to our query and expected, warranted compliance from him, thereby, giving us suspicion.

On our December 2, 2022 Zoom call with the Administration, staff denounced the Trump intention, even adding that there was no such documented policy agenda in the White House, nor any of federal departments, presuming also, that would be the Department of Defense, and separately, the Military-Pentagon.

While appreciating the verbal commitment, we requested its official documentation in the form of a Presidential Executive Order and memo, and as a bill, sent to Congress for permanent legislation, since December 22, 2022, seven (7) months, the Administration has refused to comply.

Therein, our growing suspicion, that perhaps, Mr. Biden too, privately agrees with the Trump agenda, including secretively, the Mayor of Los Angeles, the Hon. Karen Bass, which is tragic for you, as the military is being tasked to commit something horrible to rectify politicians failures.

Anytime a free Republic such as the United States has to resort to barbaric, military aggression and incursion to resolve a societal-caused social malady, dooms it to self-inflicted destruction.

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