Federal Government Failure: IS The Just Cause For Homeless Servant Czar

 (voter directory)Since the 1987 Congressional establishment of the White Housed based, US Interagency On Homelessness (USICH), under the auspices of Domestic Policy Council (DPC), the federal government has wasted billions of tax payers dollars on its erroneous, therefore failed “housing first” policy, and associated funded social services, which has become the homelessness industrial complex (HIC), akin to the prison industrial complex (PIC).

Actually, while social services have thrived in HIC, homelessness has become far worse with even more working and poor US citizens being forced out of main portions of society by societal stresses, cost of living in housing, i.e., rental and mortgages; daily sustenance, combined with increasing inflation in our highly unstable “hurricane” economy.

Making matters worse, are the 7,000,000 plus, including millions who are considered “got aways” from the federal border patrol, being in the US only to cause future mischief, foreign nationals who illegally crossed the US southern borders.

These unsuspecting, poor folks are now scattered homeless throughout our country, with no end in sight as federal government shifts resources to them belonging to domestic, homeless, American citizens.

Rhetorically speaking, if the federal government is unable to fulfill its Constitutional lawful duty to its responsible task of protecting our US Constitution, thereby the We the People citizens thereof, who are ordered “to more perfect the Union, establish Justice, ensure Domestic Tranquility, etc.”, how can it also serve foreign nationals.

As Yeshua/Jesus says, that one can’t simultaneously serve GOD and money, either serving the one, and not the other…

…so it is, that the federal government can’t, as it is Constitutionally illegal, serve international border criminal, foreign nationals who have essentially invaded our country, and hence, reject the citizens that pays the salaries of their government employees/servants, elected of appointed.

Further, each government servant-employee took the Oath of Office, even swearing such before GOD, the Central Figure of the Declaration of Independence, to Who they will certainly have to give account of their behavior and betrayal before HIM as the Supreme Judge of all the world for the rectitude of our intentions to ensure that those certain inalienable rights HE gave and ordered us, are fully practiced among the USA citizens first.

Again, as Jesus/Yeshua says in teaching the pattern for sharing the Gospel, that it begins with our “Jerusalem”, then afterward, “Samaria”, followed by “uttermost parts of the world”, so it is in this matter, in that before We the People can fully assist others, particularly, invading, occupying, foreign national federal fugitives.

Again, Yeshua/Jesus says that We the People are commanded to love GOD, The Most High, and our neighbor as ourselves, however, how can there be true love or assistance to others, if it is not for self first, thereby anything seeming to help the “others” is a farce and is up to some stealthy clandestine evil wickedness.

Nonetheless, for 35 years, since the 1987 establishment of the USICH, the federal governments and its misguided social services, including enforcement has in vain tried very traditional and innovative concept and miserably failed, therefore, now is the time to implement the Ideals of Ted Hayes, founder of Justiceville and architect of EXODUS II, i.e., the only comprehensive, strategic, national policy and plan that will humanely (non-military enforced) resolve homeless.

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The Docu-Movie) on healing and reconciliation of America 101

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