Ted’s Direct Contact Information

(Ted Hayes) (vote-directory)

Phone: 424-248-4219

Email: Ted@TedHayes.us

Engine Search: “Ted Hayes”
Google, Face Book, Instagram, LA Times Nexus, Twitter, Truth Social

Web Sights:
TedHayes.us  https://tedhayes.us/
Matters of Black Lives.com https://mattersofblacklives.com/
Domestic Peace Corps.org https://domesticpeacecorps.org/
Domevillage.us http://domevillage.us/
NF2Now.com http://nf2now.com/
Mrpatriot.us  https://mrpatriot.us/
Compton Cricket Club.us  http://comptoncricketclub.us/

See: “HEAL AMERICA” The Docu-Movie, Ted’s Docu-movie on the healing and reconciliation of America 101

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