Greetings Americans, Shalom!


As the presumptive, de facto, US Presidential appointed, strategic, national, federal, Homeless Servant Czar, special Emissary/Envoy to the President of the United States commissioned to humanely (non-military enforced), resole “visible” homelessness by the 2028 LA Olympics…

please allow me to present a what is most likely the highest, moral, situational question in US history, and perhaps, that of the world.

As a way to resolve homelessness, in which essentially the US citizens societally forced and entrapped in it, are not only deemed, but are technically, public health and safety outlaws because they criminally violate them sheerly by their existence.

Therefore, this societal status of “homeless”, or houseless, subjects them to imminent arrest at law enforcers discretion, which is highly dangerous situation for our Union Republic.

As predicted in 1985, from Justiceville the first, politically (non-electoral) oriented homeless encampment in Skid Row of downtown Los Angeles, the National Homelessness Capital, and that of our US military veterans…

…that certain federal governmental elements, i.e., persons and policies knowing the socio-economic trends of future decades, will not seriously address homelessness, which is societally caused, by rather await until, the social malady becomes so pervasive and ravaging upon the general public health…

…that when of necessity, the military, either, and/or both, federal regular troops, federalized, state national guard, come to force relocate homeless, US citizens into “huge tent cities” on federal or “cheap”, and far outside urban cities, there will very little, if any, protest from local community stakeholders and neighborhood residents.

Stealth, National Security Threat To The Union, Our Republic
While “watchful” American patriots are expecting an external threat which could possible destroy the Union, causing the loss of our Republican Form of Government (Art. 4, Sec. 4, US Const.), free market, capital enterprise, the socialist elements have cleverly “weaponized” the homeless as the internal matter that will strategically, and stealthily achieve that objective.  Who would have thought it?!?

Through the liberal, Democratic, political entity (stained by has the forever stained record of chattel slavery and Jim Crowism), socialist strategist have coopted it to create by law suites and responding legislated conditions against homelessness.

Therefore, this action causes initial, chaotic, apocalyptic-like situations, whereby law enforcement is nullified to enforce public health and safety codes, subsequently, and eventually, requiring the military to take said enforcement actions, as it has the resources for the operation.

If taken by any POTUS, such action destroys the great, American experiment in that the military had to be utilized in order to force a resolution to a societally caused social malady, thereby totally destroying the Constitution of the Republic, rendering it insolvent after to date, 248 years.

The Demographic Concern
All scientific statistics reveals the while being only 11-12% of the national population, federal, black citizens disproportionately, and too often numerically, lead all other ethno-racial identities in nearly every negative social statistic, including that of annually, circa 7,500, primarily, innocent, young, black boys die by gunfire from their exact peers, with homelessness, being its most ominous and visible.

Homelessness Stats
Being 11% of the national, black citizens are over 60% of homelessness, in LA, they/we are 8-9% of the city-county, yet, in each, American Africans reach over 40% of homeless, and in Skid Row, of the thousands there, over 90% of are black men, followed by that of black women.

Naturally, this matter deeply concerns us, as it would be any other ethno-racial identity in a similar situation.

As American African, black citizens of federal, super citizenship status, since our ancestors’ 1865, military liberation from the 245 years, institutionalized, chattel slavery industry of the Democrats, it has been our understandable paranoia, that one day, the proverbial “white man-‘massa” will eventually, somehow return us back to such bondage.

Note: “super citizenship” is Constitutional and President Executively Ordered, of Proclamation #95, the President Abraham Lincoln, January 1,1863 Emancipation Proclamation, for the purpose of equitable, equalization to the citizenship of all other Americans, i.e., “white citizens” of willing immigration heritage, being distinctly different from of unwilling, chattel enslavement of American Africans

In all the disastrous, experiential drama surrounding black citizens, especially since the mid-late 1960’s, hitting an unprecedented, high level in recent years, and continuing without abatement, strangely, on August 12,2012, under the auspices of the Hon. President Barach H. Obama, then former Vice President, the Hon. Joe R. Biden told American Africans/us that the Republicans were going to put them/us “back in chains.”

Note: However, it is historical, Library of Congress fact, that the Democrats held the American Africans in the chains of 245 years of generations-destroying, chattel slavery, until after four previous years of warfare against their rebellious, insurrection against Union’s federal laws, the Republicans militarily liberated our ancestors from them in 1865.

The Matter
Interestingly, fulfilling the 2012 prophecy or prediction of Joe Biden, on July 27,2022, former, US President, the Hon. Donald J. Trump, founder and leader of the 75,000,000 plus “MAGA” (Make America Great Again) Republicans, and increasing Democrats, stated that when re-elected 2024 POTUS, he will resolve homeless in one day.

As a central portion of the anti-crime “plank” of his 2024 campaign, the MAGA, political genius said, that by military enforcement, he will relocate all homeless, US citizens permanently, into “huge tent cities” on federal or cheap lands outside the urban centers.

Perhaps, you are not aware of this matter, or you just can’t believe this of Mr. Trump, so please begin your fact check here

The Moral Question
With due respect, it’s imperative, that it must be asked of the circa, 75 plus million Americans, primarily, MAGA Republicans, their position on what Mr. Trump is proposing, intending and promising to do if elected.

As an American citizen, white, black, or otherwise, do you adhere to Mr. Trumps military intentions? Knowing that it will destroy our Republic, if yes, why? If not, why not? If neither, what is your resolution?

However, to be fully fair to him, knowing the expected, but mysteriously not yet come, backlash for his sentiments, President Trump also, said that if his intents are inhumane, what is more so, leaving them in the streets to languish and die, while community-neighborhood residents continue to complain about homelessness?!?

As de facto, and candidate for 2024, President appointed, Homeless Servant Czar (HSC), it’s our intent to coopt the Presidential debate by making homelessness resolution, i.e., the Justiceville EXODUS II: 2028 LA Olympics Initiative, or, the military enforced relocation of homeless, US citizens into essentially, permanent internment camps, the central matter which will decide the election.


October 2019 The Ominous Message From Ted To POTUS Trump
OMINOUS WARNING/ALERT of Pending Military Enforced Homeless Relocation
Potential Military Enforcement Relocation of Homeless”

(Also See: “HEAL AMERICA” The Docu-Movie) on the healing and reconciliation of America’s soul 101

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