Ted’s Abraham Children, Jews Blessed, Empowered Gift: To American Africans: Shields Him With Moral High Ground, “Battle Armour” For Israel

(Ted Hayes) (emproc dir)

[This is part for the building of the “Ted Hayes” character policy content cognizance of spirit/attitude expressions of Youseph, Ebed Meleck, Malachi – Ted]

The Gift of:
Jew’s Blessed, Empowered, Ted’s Gift
The National Day of “The January 1,1863, Emancipation Proclamation”
To Be Congressionally Legislated Into A Federal National Holiday
This Is My and Your, Terrestrial, Moral/Holy Shield of Protection

(drafted by TH 10/23/2023)

Going forward, if the “Ted Hayes” character/persona, et al, is to be put “out front” on the Ideological “battle field” for Eretz Yisrael and Jewry around the world, it’s imperative that the he is wearing the proper “moral high ground, ‘holy land’ armament”, including including the “sword” of offense, and “shield” of defense for all.

Therefore, before releasing podcasting, et al, this initial step must be firmly established, including having proposed such to Maxine Waters, et al.

Therefore, at least with the black media outlets.  Let’s get the “shield” and “sword” of The Most High, and HIS Banner of LOVE over me/us up first.

“Blessed are you, O Israel;
Who is like you, a people saved by the Lord,
Who is the shield of your help
And the sword of your majesty!
So your enemies will cringe before you,
And you will tread upon their high places.” (Deuteronomy 33:29)

Perhaps, a bit rambling, repetitive, etc., but you will get the idea…
With careful thought before The Most High GOD, El Shadai…

In light, of my controversial, and self-endangering, but correct, Holy and Justice Stance for, with, and in front of Jews’ only geo-political State, the Eretz of Israel, including all world Jewry…

…it’s therefore imperative for me, my family, friends and Jews’ own safety, protection and success of my Stand, that the National Day of “The January 1,1863, Emancipation Proclamation”, and its originator is first well established in following steps:

  1. First, immediate Press Release to primarily local and national, black media outlets including those internationally.
  2. Second, invitation to the Hon. Ms. Maxine Waters, i.e., CBC (CBC) to take It to the floor of Congress for legislation as an official, federal, National Holiday…Note: This legislation is to be completed in time for this years’ (2024, April commemoration of the April 4,1968 assassination of Martin Luther King, Jr. (56 years), and that of President Abraham Lincoln on April 14,1865 (159 years).
  3. Third, the National Day of, and the podcasting statements, etc., should go out simultaneously, buy one after the other. However, because the audiences that LIRM will be sending out to those ten million, plus, etc., we should get the black media first with this, and they don’t have to get in right now being so focused on Israel, and my folks, no so.
  4. Forth, once they know that Jews are behind the great, latent, 161 years belated gift, that will come, believing indeed, that Jews and Israel are the Chosen of The Most High GOD. In doing this, Jews are the Witness of HIM that HE has called to the Children of Israel to be.  In other words, before I can truly be safely successful for us all, we must first cloak/wrap me in this morally unassailable  mantel of Lincoln, placed there by the Seed of Abraham, the blessling.

Black Reluctance To Come Out En Masse
In speaking with certain black citizens in my circles about getting more directly involved in protecting Jews and Israel, they have no “fire” for such for the following reasons of which I understand, but disagree with:

  1. Right or wrong, they don’t feel that Jews, being the Chosen of GOD, of which they do believe, and of whom we seek to emulate, but other than charitable work, mitzvot and sedaka, far more that Muslims, Christins, et al., on individual and community levels, and not since the failed efforts of the 1960’s, nothing much for advancing “that cause” of freedom for all American African – black citizens.     Note: Of course, such obervation doesn’t apply to the Household of Abishoor. That I  testify to.
  2. Where is the manifestation of that power and special connection with ADONAI, Elohenu, ADONAI, Echod, they ask, but yet will continue to believe in  the admonishment to them by their Yeshua Who says,  “salvation is of Jews.”
  3. Again, since being cognizant of such, its’ has been quest to come Jews for such, for my Goy-Gentile, Hametic, black peoples, first in the USA, they globally, by often, literally taking the edge of their garment, saying “We go with you, because, we have heard that GOD Is with you.”
  4. They believe that they don’t owe nothing to European Jews but duly, civil respect, and thereby lack the correct sympathies for them and other victims of Nazism, or even the plight of Israel…”over there”, when American Africans are “over here” suffering America, otherwise, like me, they would be with us now.
    They see that this most horrific tragedies in all comparatively known world history, the Holocaust occurred in Germany-Europe, not America, thereby not having anything to directly with It, but in fact, black “Buffalo Soldiers” were among the first American G.I.’s of WWII to liberate Jews and other such victims of Nazism from the concentration camps.
  5. Speaking for myself:
    Knowing my record in both the LA community at large, and over the years, standing out as I do at the pro-Israel and pro-Jew rallies, primarily, being the only American African out there risking all, one would think that the organizers or leaderships, would offer me the opportunity address or even join them in strategy.  This is especially important, because, I offer them some significant, moral shield cover defense against verbal attacks, and a “shofar” to assemble my peoples to Zions’ causes.
  6. Because they don’t see that kind of cordial, respectful treatment extended to me, thus them, and watching me perform as only a “Jewish side show” of the rally scenes, but not being heard, they, understandably shy away.
  7. Not saying that its right, as it is not, but rather, wrong on their part.
  8. But that’s what we are dealing with, as dealt to us from HaShem. If American Africans witness in media, or heard by word of mouth of my leading participation, etc., and my reporting to them that I’m respected and speak at the rallies, and interviews in Jews’ media outlets, etc., they would be more inclined to also join with us, having viable leadership to follow to the “promised land”, of which MLK prophesied.
  9. They are not like me, I know better, because by gifts of Mercy and Truth before the Face of The Most High, via HIS Holy Spirit, HE has revealed to me the real identity of Jews and Israel, and to therefore support and bless, whether my peoples do or don’t.
  10. So regardless of how I’m treated, Yoseph, Ebed Melech, Malachi, is still there.Nonetheless, ADONAI, Elohenu ADONAI, Echad, will eventually open their eyes as HE has mine.

This is why, it would be prudent to let me get fixed in their minds about this gift that me and Jews have brought to them, which will nullify any and all anti-Jews attacks upon us

The Narrative
Then, by the grace and mercy of The Most High, American Africans, who are under militant, Islamic and traditional African American leadership, as well as black, anti-USA influencers’ pressures, won’t view me a “sellout to the Jews and ‘white man”, et al…

…but rather, that they see in me that courageous “superhero” of which our ancestors prayed lovingly to GOD and Jesus the Jew, who would “someday” be born to lead them to that Judaic, “promised land” of America, by “any effort that they might make for their actual freedom” (Sentence 2, B. Eman-Proc)

Then, this being the case, they will say amongst themselves, something like…

“Yep, Ted Hayes, that same guy, the unsung hero who a generation ago, according the admonishments of the Hebrew Holy Scriptures, i.e., committed the great, Kingdom of David Mitzvot, of willingly dwelling in homelessness for 8 years on the sidewalks of Skid Row (1985-1973), another 13 years in Dome Village (1993-2007), exposing and fighting Its’ causes, whom were/are predominantly black men, etc., thereby, via his Justiceville activism, brought attention to the matter like no other activist, to date, in US history”.

This is what they will boldly say to the attackers of my character, again saying, “This guy brought us the gift!”

All federal black citizens must know that on top that unsung street cred, “Ted”, i.e., Theodore, whose name in Greek means “Gift of GOD, has beautifully and romantically brought to them such a wonderful “prize” of “actual freedom.”

The great emulators of Jews will gladly accept my Standing up in front of Jews, who the vast majority of American Africans have always honored, and “crazily” loved their incredible, lovely, controversial Jew, Yeshua, we now also be empowered also join with me, whereby we become that Divinely appointed, “moral, highest ground” Shield for Eretz Israel.

Therefore, Patricia and I should first alert the “black media” outlets, local and national, even international, having started the process with Maxine Waters, et al, and immediately move the National Day of forward.

Actually, while it is understood that Jews and Israel is/are suffering, etc., therefore being laser focused on their own immediate crisis, should they do this Kingdom of David Mitzvot, HaShem will delightfully bless them.

This blessing comes from Elohim because in while in their own pain, they demonstrated the moral cognizance to support what may become for American Africans, a sort of combined Passover-Succuth, Yom Kippur, “Holy-day”.

They will be acknowledging that without the enslaved backs of American Africans’ ancestors, there would be no United States, purported “immigrant nation…under GOD”, to support the fulfillment of the ancient prophecy of Israels’ return home, as it is this very day.

The best kind of Mitzvot, is that which is performed to others while in the midst of ones’ own sufferings, even as I did with the homeless beginning January 2,1985 (38 years ago), as my own family was suffering when I controversially went to be one with them in their pain.

Such IS the blessing of Abraham upon me, for which The Most High has brought me to the Household of Abishoor.

Therefore, the most famous and controversial Jew says, “Greater love has no person than this, that he/she lays down the life, i.e., their own interest and pain for someone else.

When American African, who emphatically loves that Jew, will surely come to morally Shieled Jews because, beginning with Him, you are the central cause for the gift that “Ted” brings to them, as you have helped them receive the most important ever, matter of black lives!

Thanks to JEWS who becomes our moral shield against the pending military incursion to return us back to chattel slavery (which since our liberation 163 years ago, has been our nagging fear that someday it will happen as is now), and in turn, federal, black citizens becomes that moral shield for all Jews and Israel.

While Israel and Jews wage a great defensive “sword” fight, they lack the “shield of defense and offence, and thereby are vulnerable to immoral, anti-Jew attacks.  We are your “shield”. Pick us up, as we do likewise of Jews.

Our mutual shields are interlocked like the highly successful, defensive-offensive, ancient, Roman “Turtle” Shield embattlement.

Hence, the glorious, Black and Jew brotherhood of the Love Is Real Movement.

(Ted Hayes) (emproc dir)



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