“Black” Homelessness: VIOLATION of Their Federal Civil Rights

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Los Angles County and City proper the national capital of homelessness; and that of homeless, US Military Veterans, as well as comparatively, the World.

“Homelessness is the ultimate statement of what is wrong within society”  The Hon. Cong. Maxine Waters

Therefore, black homelessness is evidence 404 years of unrequited injustices against American Africans and their descendant generations, and the 14th Amendment-1866 Civil Rights Act, designed to rectify the generational matter, has not yet been enforced as originally intended by Abraham Lincoln and the 1854-56 Republican Party.

The Citations of Civil Rights Violations
For American, black, United States citizens, homelessness is a Civil Rights matter, and is perhaps, the most significant since we were granted a highly specialized, super citizenship by the  authority of the 1866 Civil Rights Act – 14th Amendment, 150 years ago post the Civil War, that liberated our ancestors from 245 years of chattel slavery.

The racial demographics –

  1. These statistics in the national capital of homelessness reflects that which is nationwide, particularly in urban and suburban centers, that being, black citizens are circa 12% of general population, yet, over 60% of homeless.
  2. US black citizens are 8-9% of general LA population, yet over 40% of homeless:
  3. In Central City East, dubbed, “Skid Row”, the “ground 0 epicenter and black hole vortex” of homelessness, 90% of homeless dwelling in inhumane subsistence on sidewalks, are black men, then black women, and their children, followed an ethno-racial mix of others.

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