President Biden Refuses To Address and Stop Fm. Pres. Trump’s Military Forced, Homeless Relocation

(Ted Hayes) (articles directory)

Remember: The “Hail Trump”, MAGGA “Feuor”, the most despised man on earth by the left, including, the Congressional Black Caucus (CBC), all the major civil rights leaders, et al, including President Biden, who absolutely despises him, as the worst, “anti-black, racist, white supremacist” in all history, and a severe danger to “our democracy”.

Strangely, the President who has done significant advocacy for American Africans not seen President Lincoln, 161 years ago;
…as was generated unprecedented economic opportunity, even declaring that illegal immigration hurts black citizens more than anybody else, and the 14th Amendment is exclusively their intellectual property…
is now threatening to put permanently put homeless of such into internment.

Yet, on numerous occasions by email letters to him, and 3 zoom sessions with his top homelessness resolution staff to end the Trump threat against us, but even oddly, Mr. Biden has refused to challenge the military enforcement threat by him or any other US President.

Mr. Biden, who swore to black citizens that he would always have our back, especially from his arch-rival, the so-called, “racist, white supremacist” Trump, because we have always had his, yet, again, on that matter, the President has not acted appropriately.

Even more mysterious, on behalf of the then, Hon. President, Barach H. Obama, in August 2011, in the midst of the 2012 Presidential election cycle, VP Biden warned and admonished black citizens, that if they don’t stick with the Democratic Party, the Republican will have them back in chains”, i.e., chattel slavery plantations.

Yet, 12 years later, his hated arch rival, the MAGA Feurer, Trump, is openly talking the foolishness of Adolf Hitler concerning black citizens the disproportion populations of homelessness, the President is rebelling his Presidential mandates

See sample of letters and our proposal to him to stop Trump, which strangely, Mr. Biden has for one year denied our plea. See the rejected proposal at…

Letters To President Biden
Fri., Jul. 7 at 2:14 pm via Olivet “Instead of Military Enforcement, Let My People Go To the ‘Promised land”
#61, Tue., Mar., 28 at 5:28 pm To POTUS Biden To “Outlaw- Forbid Military Enforced Homeless Relocation and Resettlement”

This concentration of selected said human beings (German citizens), included the elderly, disabled, substance (alcohol-drugs) addicted, petty street criminals, mentally ill, and homeless, then political opponents, social justice activists, then whole peoples, beginning with Ashkenazi Jews, Gypsies, Slavs, et al.

When the Nazi’s came for the first tier of “vermin”, nobody protested, including Jews, because as today in America, (i.e., LA-Venice Beach, Hollywood), when they were taken, resident stakeholders of local communities and neighborhoods got back their storefront, retail businesses stores, real estate, parks, beaches, and school areas, etc.


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