ASK The QUESTION: Mr. Biden, “Do You Agree With Trumps Military Enforced Relocation Plan For Homeless Resolution?

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Greetings Ms. Dana Bash and Mr. Jake Tapper, Shalom!
Please Ask The Following Question To The Candidates of the June 27th Republican Debate:

Mr. Biden:
Since July 27, 2022, Mr. Trump has made his documented stance clear on the matter…

Do you support his plan to dispatch military forces to rapidly relocate homeless, US citizens, including Veterans, into what he describes
as “huge tent cities on federal…lands one day”, essentially, permanent, internment camps of no return,
as the economy denies them reentry into “civil” society.

If “YES”, why?  If “NO”, why not? And what is your alternative to Trump’s plan?

The Question Narrative
On July 27, 2022, former, US President, the Hon. Donald J. Trump (#45)…
stated that he would dispatch federal and state militaries to rapidly “in one day”, force relocate homeless, US citizens…
…from urban-suburban cities and rural towns, into “huge tent cities” on federal lands,…
…which are essentially, permanent internment camps, as the same toxic-stress economy that pushed them into homelessness,…
…also refuses them re-entry into civil society.

This is the greatest, national security matter in US history since the Civil War era, the Union Republic’s greatest military conflict ever,…
…particularly as it relates to homeless, American African, federal, and black citizens, over whose 245 years, chattel enslaved ancestors, it/is was waged.

Being only 11% of the national population, black citizens are over 60% of the homeless, and in LA, Its’ National Capital, is a mere 8-9% of city and county,…
…they, respectively, are over 40% of homelessness, and on Skid Row, over 90% are male, black citizens, followed by said females.

As American Africans primarily dwell in major urban centers where the predominance of homeless persons are federalized, black citizens, such military action would disaffect them more than “anybody else.”

In fact, in August of 2011, while campaigning for Obama, then Vice President Joe Biden, warned black citizens,
…that if they did not stick with the Democratic Party, the Republicans would “have ya’ll back in chains.”

Twelve (12) years later, Mr. Biden’s “hated”, rival, “white supremacist racist”, leader of the dreaded MAGA movement, Donald Trump,…
…proclaimed his Hitler-like plans against, US homeless citizens,…
…yet, to this day, after my colleagues and I, by email letters, as well as 3 Zoom sessions, requested the President to take suggested, appropriate action, was soundly refused.  See letters of request @

Therefore, it’s imperative, that We the People, particularly, black citizens, know Mr. Biden’s response to Mr. Trump’s bold, “in your face”,…
…moral and legal challenge on this matter, as homelessness, must be resolved between 2024 and before the 2028 Olympics.

“They”, i.e., unsuspecting Germans scoffed at Hitler’s buffoonery threats against Ashkenazi Jews, and the “verminous” to public health and safety to society, the mentally ill, substance addicts, criminals, lazy, anti-social homeless human beings, et al…but subsequently, were quietly taken away.

Thanks for your interest and asking this question.


Ted Hayes



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