ASK The QUESTION: Do You Agree With Trumps Military Enforced Relocation Plan For Homeless Resolution?

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Greetings Ms. Dana Perino, Mr. Stuart Varney, Ms. Martinez-Guzman, Shalom!
Please Ask The Following Question To Candidates of September 27th Republican Debate:

Do you support Donald Trumps’ plan to militarily force relocate homeless, US citizens into what he describes
as permanent, “huge tent cities on federal lands one day”, essentially, internment camps of no return,
as economy denies reentry into “civil” society.

If yes, why?  If no, why not? And what is your alternative to Trumps plan?

The Question Narrative
On July 27,2022, former, US President, the Hon. Donald J. Trump (#45) stated that as 2024 re-elected such, to resolve homelessness, he will deploy the military, federal and/or federalized state national guard to force relocate homeless from the urban, suburban, rural towns, all homeless US citizens, permanently into “huge tent cities” on federal lands.

This is the greatest, national security matter in US history since the Civil War era, particularly as it relates to homeless, American African, federal, black citizens.

Being only 11% of the national population, black citizens are over 60% of the homeless-destitute, and in LA, its National Capital, as a mere 8-9% of city and county, they are over 40% of homelessness respectively, and on Skid Row, over 90% are of male, black citizens, followed by that of said females.

American African primarily dwell in major urban centers where the predominance of homeless persons are black citizens, referred also purposefully for this particular topic, chattel slave descendants, as such a military action would disaffect them more than “anybody else.”

Mr. Trump has “set the pace”, having the “pole” position, thereby setting up the ultimate matter which will elect the 2024 POTUS.

Therefore, it’s imperative that We the People, particularly, black citizens, know these candidates response to his bold, “in your face” moral and legal challenge on this matter, as it must be resolved between 2024 and before the 2028 Olympics.

Trump has set the pace for the other to catch up with and dare challenge him.

“They” also scoffed at Hitler’s baffoonary threats against Askenazi Jews and the “verminous” to public health and safety of society, were quietly taken them away, most never to be seen on this earth again.

Thanks for your interest and as this question. Please alert others.


Ted Hayes



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