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"Know The Truth...

and Be Free"

  The Warning >>>

The True American Friend Appeal


Campacinos' & Companeros'

("Students Together In School of Struggle")

Mexico and Mesoamerica


Dear Compancinos/Companeros Letter


"Greater Love Has no man than this...that he lay down his life for his friend"

Jesus C hrist


Please Understand That Other Americans, Including Black US Citizens, i.e. the Descendants of the Chattel Slaves Are Not Against The Campacinos' and Companeros' Unlawful Immigrants, Illegal Aliens (federal government term) or Any Other ot far from us.


In Actuality, By The Defense of That Which Is Our National Right and Patriotic Duty To Our Country, We Work For The Eventual Liberation

of Your Own Homeland, i.e.,

Civil Rights Revolution For Mexico and Meso - Central America

(Plans and Strategy Yet Classified)

Si Se Peude - "We Shall Overcome"

 On Behalf of the Descendants of the Chattel Slaves and Freemen, we Stand With You Against The Burdensome Yoke of The Centuries Old Spaniard Conquistadors andlThe Compancinos' and Companaros' Since The Days of Hernando Cortex, The Spaniard Mercenary Pirate For The Spanish Empire.ave Abused


  However, in doing so, due to memory of our ancestors, fore parents, parents, descendant children, the American peoples who over the generations have suffered the lose of they lives in order to end chattel slavery, and racist legislation, but most importantly, the will of GOD, even though we may want to, we simply can not grant you the blessing of

               legitimacy to our Civil Rights "Mantle".  It is not ours to give, because it belongs to our ancestors.

As Emancipated, freed, descendants of American chattel slaves of West African slavery heritage, we are the original Citizens Under Jurisdiction of the United States of America federal government.

As the only land that can call home, it is incumbent upon us to speak with and appeal to you of our struggles for complete and full citizenship "as is enjoyed by White citizens" according to the Mandates of the 14th Amendment of the Constitution and the Civil Rights Act of 1866.

Therefore, Compancinos and Compeneros, how can you in good holy faith of the very one that you claim, continue to march over the lives, legacies, benefits legally, morally and spiritually belong to the Descendants of the chattel slaves.

Will your faith grant the justification to treat another people even as it has treated you since first days of the Spaniard invasion of your homelands?  Will you be envious of your oppressor and choose his ways against an innocent people, even in the name of your children.

Remember, those of you who still possess some of your ancestors' beliefs, cultures, legacies, heritages and blood lines, it was the same European (White-Caucasian), Roman Catholic, Spanish-speaking, Spaniards of Spain that committed the holocaust genocide and suppression of you throughout all of Mexico, Meso and south west America, who initially bought into the hideous African Slave trade. 

We have a common oppressor, and it is not the "Gringo"

Though the policies and practices of illegal or unlawful immigration into the United States by citizens of all foreign nations, especially those of Hispanic/Latino Mexican and Mesoamerican (Central America) linage is the "greatest threat" to Blacks since slavery itself, they just may prove beneficial to us all, provided that we together think and act swiftly.

Ironically, contact and interactions with the Chattel Slave and Freemen descendnats could actually ignite in the souls of the Campacinos' and Campaneros' a fiercely, urgent and fiery spiritual force of an epic Human and Civil Rights Movement to liberate their home lands. 


"We Shall Overcome"  "Si Se Puede - Yes We Can" 



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Help Stop Ethno-Racial Cleansing of Blacks

and To Liberate The Campacinos' and Campaneros' Spaniard Domination


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