The US Civil War 1st and 2nd Confiscation Acts: American Africans Permanently Under Military Jurisdiction-Protection

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The First and Second Confiscation Acts of 1861-1862 were legislated and enacted by Congress and signed by the President of the United States, Union Republic

The Confiscation Acts were laws passed by the United States Congress during the Civil War to free the chattel slaves still held by the Confederate forces in the Southern parts of the country.

The Confiscation Act of August 6, 1861Authorized the confiscation, taking of any Confederate property by Union forces (“property” included slaves), of which our chattel enslaved ancestors were considered as “living, human property, and financial trade commodities, noting the Declaration of Independence, i.e., “pursuit of property-happiness, as it supported its Southern culture and economy.

This meant that all slaves who fought or worked for the Confederate military were confiscated, thereby being liberated and made free, not citizens, which transformed the military into their caretakers, protecting guardians, and responsible for becoming its property forever.  Of course, the federal court proceedings would “condemn” them as property used to support the rebellion.

The bill passed in the United States House of Representatives 60-48 and in the Senate 24-11.  The act was signed into law by President Abraham Lincoln on August 6, 1861.

The Confiscation Act of July 17, 1862 states that any Confederate official, military or civilian, who did not surrender within 60 days of the act’s passage would have their slaves freed in criminal proceedings.

However, this act was only applicable to Confederate areas that had already been occupied by the Union Army.

Though U.S. President Abraham Lincoln was concerned about the practical legality of these acts, and believed that they might push the southern border states towards siding with the Confederacy, he nonetheless, courageously and morally signed them to make them law.

The growing movement towards emancipation was aided by these acts, which eventually led to the Preliminary and Final Emancipation Proclamation of September 1862 and January 1863.

During this Civil War, the greatest of America’s eras is when our ancestors became truly endeared to, and even became the ward of the federal, Union military, thereby making it our great, GOD-decreed Protector and us, its Protectorate, beginning with the January 1, 1863 Emancipation Proclamation Executive Order (EPEO) of President Abraham Lincoln, XVI (the 16th), built upon the foundations of the First and Second Confiscation Act,

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