U.S. Population Pre-Amnesty
Black: 37 million - 12.75%
Latino: 40 million - 13.75%

U.S. Population Post-Amnesty
Black: 37 million - 12.3%
Latino: 51 million - 16.9%

and counting...

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Black Activists Denounce Actions of Mexican Citizen

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Black Activists Denounce Actions of Mexican Citizen

Los Angeles, This Friday, August 25th, 2006, Black, Homeless and anti-illegal “immigration” activists in Chicago from Los Angeles are, to humbly and peacefully confront Elvira Arellano, a citizen of the United Mexican States (Mexico) who has illegally entered the United States of America.

Immigration Forum Gets Intense

Reflecting intense passions over illegal immigration, a Los Angeles outdoor forum about its impact on blacks quickly became a screaming match Sunday between those urging a crackdown on undocumented migrants and others counseling tolerance.

The gathering at Leimert Park in South Los Angeles, which eventually involved about 100 people, was aimed at publicizing what some blacks believe has been illegal immigration's negative effect on their neighborhoods, housing, schools and jobs, said Ted Hayes, founder of the Crispus Attucks Brigade, an African American group newly organized to fight the influx of undocumented migrants.

Letter to the Editor: "Ted Hayes is Right"

An Appeal to Pope Benedict XVI

The Mexican Civil Rights Struggle

Are Mexicans protesting the right government?

Q. Do Mexican citizens deserve a homeland they don't feel the need to abandon?

Q. Does protesting America put more or less pressure on the Mexican government to reform?

Q. Is any American politician demanding reform in Mexico?

Q. Is Felipe Calderon committed to building a nation worth fighting for and living in?

Q. Are politicians missing the point by framing Illegal Immigration as an "American" problem?

Q. Is Mexico worth fighting for?

The time has come for Mexican citizens to stand up and fight for their home country.
Not abandon it.