U.S. Population Pre-Amnesty
Black: 37 million - 12.75%
Latino: 40 million - 13.75%

U.S. Population Post-Amnesty
Black: 37 million - 12.3%
Latino: 51 million - 16.9%

and counting...

Defending Black Civil Rights in the 21st Century  

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June 23, 2007 Civl Rights March & Rally

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May 21 Rally
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Mexican Civil Rights Struggle

Crispus Attucks Brigade – the “New” Buffalo Soldiers
In conjunction with the Minute Man Project & Associates
May 21st Anti-Illegal Immigration March
Downtown Los Angeles
Mission Statement
(as proposed by Ted Hayes, CAB)

The May 21st Civil Rights March will focus on Civil Rights for illegal immigrants in Mesoamerica (Mexico-Central America), not the United States!

May 21st will inform and educate the Mesoamericans about Civil Rights in the US and their significance to American Black peoples. It’s a heart and soul issue.

American Blacks along with Red, Brown, Yellow, White, and all American citizens (250,000,000 of us), will join the struggle of the Latino Companiero’ for Justice and a decent livelihood. We will teach and empower them by working with their leaders to generate a Civil and Human Rights movement that is designed to liberate them from the enslavement that they experience in the USA and the horrific oppression that they flee from in Mesoamerica.

May 21st will address the offending pro slavery elements (employers) in the USA such as:
• corporate agriculturist and related industries (migrant workers)
• hotel/restaurant/office buildings related industries
• construction and related industries
• homeowners, etc

May 21st will address the offending pro slavery elements in Mesoamerica such as government and religious-elitist societies along with the general corruption of crime and injustice that drives the poor Indio peoples out of their homes and homelands into exploitive hands of USA slave business merchants.

May 21st will seek to end the racist element in the discussion over border issues prompted by La Raza and to unite the two peoples into a reverse phalanx into Mesoamerica.

May 21st essentially has the CAB, Minute Man Project and other Associates posting themselves as liberators of the Mesoamerican peoples from 3 rd class standing and slavery in the USA.

May 21st will be the launching of the second Mexican and Mesoamerican Independence Day…and the Mesoamerican Dream.

Civil Rights Showdown (+)

Whose Civil Rights Anyway? (+)


Understanding Civil Rights


The Mexican Civil Rights Struggle

Are Mexicans protesting the right government?

Q. Do Mexican citizens deserve a homeland they don't feel the need to abandon?

Q. Does protesting America put more or less pressure on the Mexican government to reform?

Q. Is any American politician demanding reform in Mexico?

Q. Is Felipe Calderon committed to building a nation worth fighting for and living in?

Q. Are politicians missing the point by framing Illegal Immigration as an "American" problem?

Q. Is Mexico worth fighting for?

The time has come for Mexican citizens to stand up and fight for their home country.
Not abandon it.