U.S. Population Pre-Amnesty
Black: 37 million - 12.75%
Latino: 40 million - 13.75%

U.S. Population Post-Amnesty
Black: 37 million - 12.3%
Latino: 51 million - 16.9%

and counting...

Defending Black Civil Rights in the 21st Century  

The CAB in Action

June 21, 2008 Saturday

"Let Them Come to LA" March Downtown


June 29, 2008 Sunday Leimert Park II Rally


June 23, 2007

 Civil Rights March to Choose Black America


Sword and Shield Fundraiser


March 25th Coalition II March & Rally


Black Activists Denounce Actions of Mexican Citizen


Juneteenth Paul
Revere Rally


May 21 Rally
Los Angeles


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Ted Hayes

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C.A.B. Home

The Mission of the Crispus Attucks Brigade (CAB) is to move American Blacks peoples to take their rightful and dutiful role to stop illegal immigration into the United States of America.

Some members or participants of the CAB may have membership and/or participation in other related anti-illegal immigration groups, organizations and/or efforts, such as the Minute Man Project.

The CAB movements or actions to resist and stop illegal immigration will range from silent protests and other action along with other efforts or alone, including demonstrations such as acts of civil disobedience.

• Acts of disobedience will not include initiating violence (* it does not exclude self defense), destruction of public or private property nor resistance to police arrest. Civil disobedience will be done in the successful tradition of Dr. Martin Luther King, Mahatma Ghandi, and Jesus Christ.

• Though the CAB is primarily designed to involve American Blacks into illegal immigration into the USA resistance, it is inclusive of any and all Americans who wish to adhere to stated mission of paragraph one.

Initial Points of Note

United States American Black citizens should have been years ago on the forefront with the Minute men of stopping illegal immigration

It is the moral duty of US Americans, especially US American Black citizens to resist and put an end to illegal immigration

Illegal "immigration" is Mexico’s and other nation invasion masquerading as immigration and colonization of the our nation. It must be resisted

Illegal "immigration" is Mexico’s and other nations deliberate economic warfare on all United States American citizens, especially American Black Peoples

Illegal "immigration" is un-Christian, but perhaps pro-Aztec religion. Christianity – Roman Catholicism teaches “Thou shall not trespass”. Aztec religion teaches human sacrifice – ripping out hearts and taking (stealing) other peoples lands which was and now is the root culture of the Central American Region

Illegal "immigration" is slavery because illegal immigrants work for slave wages and many are forced into squalor living conditions, therefore…. No US American citizen, especially American Blacks peoples, being former slaves should not, will not and must not work for such wages nor tolerate slave conditions

Therefore, US American citizens, especially American Black Citizens have the high moral ground against illegal immigration.

Over 600,000 US Citizens, primarily Whites (around 35,000 Blacks) died, and hundreds of thousands more wounded and maimed (physically and psychologically) in the Civil War to end the enslavement of American Black peoples

US American citizens, especially American Black peoples are guardians against the reintroduction of slavery in the United States of America. 

As American citizens and Black slaves resisted the advocates of slavery, the slave holders and most especially those of the agricultural plantations, US citizens must resist corporate agriculturalist, canneries; day labor, restaurant, hotel, employers; homeowners which account for 40% of illegal laborers; and any other slave proponents.

The present day slave proponents, that is those who support illegal immigration must be known for what they are, that is, treacherous, betrayers of the ideals of the founding fathers; President Abraham Lincoln and the young men (women) who suffered immensely and gave their lives to end slavery in the US Civil War; and the young men (women) who suffered and gave their lives in the American wars for freedom

* We stand in unity and solidarity with our Mexican, Central and South American Bronze Indo-indigenous brothers who simply seek as we Americans, equal Justice under the law and access to earning a descent and gainful livelihood.

Illegal "immigration" is the disrespect of the Civil Rights that American Blacks and others fought, suffered and gave their lives for, in that:
Illegal immigrants are claiming rights that had nothing to do with them, nor did they fight for, nor do they understand, yet they enter the United States over the heads of American Black citizens who did fight for those rights

Illegal "immigrants" are insensitive to the plight of US American Black citizens in that they are not only stealing our jobs, housing, health care, and education, but our Civil and Constitutional Rights as well…including the National Birth Rights, Heritages, Legacies.  In fact, illegal "immigration" is the highest from of grand theft larceny and ethnic/racial identity theft.   Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., and Mr. Cezar Chavez would be appalled

* American Black peoples as would all Americans assist and support a Civil Rights Movement IN MEXICO, …not in the United States. That is ours! We will help them get theirs.

The Minute Men are  not racist, even as American Blacks citizens and the Crispus Attucks Brigade is not racist against the Brown/Bronze Indio Indigenous peoples of Mexico and Central America. 

In fact, I am a "J.F.K." American Minuteman

"Today we need a nation of minutemen; citizens who are not only prepared to take up arms, but citizens who regard the preservation of freedom as a basic purpose of their daily life and who are willing to consciously work and sacrifice for that freedom." (President John F. Kennedy, 29 January 1961.)

Rather, the racist in this matter of illegal immigration are those who espouse the doctrine of Bronze superiority of the Aztec-Aztlan La Raza Reconquistidor movement; the leaders of the Mexican government and its racist Spaniard societies.

“We have blood roots in the United States of America and we will not forsake it
nor the sufferings and work of our ancestors and fore parents” Ted Hayes


Understanding Civil Rights 

The Mexican Civil Rights Struggle

Are Mexicans protesting the right government?

Q. Do Mexican citizens deserve a homeland they don't feel the need to abandon?

Q. Does protesting America put more or less pressure on the Mexican government to reform?

Q. Is Felipe Calderon committed to building a nation worth fighting for and living in?

Q. Is any American politician demanding reform in Mexico?

Q. Are politicians missing the point by framing Illegal Immigration as an "American" problem?

Q. Is Mexico worth fighting for?

The time has come for Mexican citizens to stand up and fight for their home country.
Not abandon it.