U.S. Population Pre-Amnesty
Black: 37 million - 12.75%
Latino: 40 million - 13.75%

U.S. Population Post-Amnesty
Black: 37 million - 12.3%
Latino: 51 million - 16.9%

and counting...

Defending Black Civil Rights in the 21st Century  

CAB in Action

The C.A.B. Shield and Sword

Black Activists Denounce Actions of Mexican Citizen

Juneteenth Paul
Revere Rally

May 21 Rally
Los Angeles


CAB Founder
Ted Hayes

We invite you to initiate a CAB chapter in your great American city

Please Email Us so
we may build an
important partnership

Juneteenth Paul Revere
Motorcycle Ride

The Crispus Attucks Brigade Calls Upon
American US Citizens' Black Biker Clubs To Join The Battles Against Illegal Immigration Invasion.
The Greatest Threat To Black Citizens and The USA Since Slavery Itself

Procession and Rally!!!

Against All Illegal Alien Invasions
Saturday, June 17, 2006

As American Black US Citizens, Let Us Support FROSTY WOOLDRIDGE, dedicated patriot committed to halt the illegal alien invasion of our country.

Is spearheading a “Paul revere Ride” nationwide to warn Americans “the enemy is here” and how they can effectively fight back” to save our sovereignty Started in Denver, CO on May 29th, visiting 54cities and arrive in Washington, DC on August 12, 2006.

Procession Begins At 10:00 AM (Staging 9:00 AM)
(The Dome Village for the Homeless – 847 Golden Avenue, Downtown Los Angeles)

Rally Begins At 11:00 AM
(LA City Hall – 200 N. Spring St., Los Angeles, CA 90012)

PRIMARY SPONSOR: Crispus Attucks Brigade (CAB) – Ted Hayes, Homeless Activist
CO-SPONSORS: Minuteman Project (MMP) – Jim Gilchrist, Founder
California Coalition For Immigration Reform (CCIR) – Barb Coe
Save Our State (SOS) – Chelene Nightinggale

SPEAKERS: Jesse Petersen – BOND; Lupe Moreno – LAIR; Frank George - LAIR; Marvin Stewart-MMP, Board Member; Ray Herrera – MMP activist; Steve Eichler–MMP; Cameron Bonner, CURE; James Spencer, CAB; Ted Smith, Chair-CA Democratic Black Caucus; David Hernandez, Community Activist;
Statements By American Black Biker Club Presidents

All Patriotic Motorcycle Clubs Invited
“Riding To Save Our Black Peoples & The USA”

The Mexican Civil Rights Struggle

Are Mexicans protesting the right government?

Q. Do Mexican citizens deserve a homeland they don't feel the need to abandon?

Q. Does protesting America put more or less pressure on the Mexican government to reform?

Q. Is any American politician demanding reform in Mexico?

Q. Is Felipe Calderon committed to building a nation worth fighting for and living in?

Q. Are politicians missing the point by framing Illegal Immigration as an "American" problem?

Q. Is Mexico worth fighting for?

The time has come for Mexican citizens to stand up and fight for their home country.
Not abandon it.