U.S. Population Pre-Amnesty
Black: 37 million - 12.75%
Latino: 40 million - 13.75%

U.S. Population Post-Amnesty
Black: 37 million - 12.3%
Latino: 51 million - 16.9%

and counting...

Defending Black Civil Rights in the 21st Century  

The March 25th Coalition II…
Civil Rights March To
Stop Ethnic Cleansing of U.S. Black Citizens

Sunday, March 25, 2007
Downtown, Los Angeles
Pre-March Rally Olympic & Broadway 12:OO am City Hall Rally 2:30 pm


• Protection of Black US Citizens From Ethnic Cleansing By Latinos, Europeans, Asians, Africans, & Others Invading & Illegally Colonizing Our Country.

• By The Authority of The Congressional Promissory Note, Arrest Government Officials Who Violate Their Oath of Office By Supporting The Invasion

• The Prosecution of Anyone Who Steals or Usurps The Promissory Note of the National Birth, Civil & Constitutional Rights of Black US Citizens

• Ending The Enslavement of Mesoamericans In The USA By Arresting American *Emploslavers
 * American corporations, merchants, homeowners etc., who hire below US Labor Laws

• Protect Blacks and All American Citizens By Enforcing The Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo 1848

• Send Illegal Aliens Back To Their Own Countries To Fight For Their Civil Rights

Civil Rights For Illegal Aliens…



Sponsored By The March 25th Coalition II of: The Crispus Attucks Brigade (CAB); Minute Man Project (MMP); “You Don’t Speak For Me”; Millennium Panthers; West Side Illegal Immigration Control Group; Save Our State (SOS); California Coalition Immigration Reform (CCIR); National Council Immigration Reform (NCIR); more to be announced…



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