The Ore Magen David Shining Star of David Offering

"Zion Mourns" & "Zion, Your GOD Reigns"
“To Appoint Unto them that mourn in Zion”

[Yeshayah-Isaiah 60:2]
The Moral High Ground
"Zion Is The Moral High Ground"

Though Israels IDF wins battles, it yet looses in the courts of world public opinion.  Though the State of Israel leads in its rapid economic and scientific advancement for the good of the nations, it is yet loosing in the courts of world public opinion.  The question is, "Why?"

Until now, mercilessly driven by the evil lunar spirit, the lunatic entities, particularly those in Gaza, have successfully taken and held the moral high ground of this continuous ancient war by loudly proclaiming that the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) are committing acts of barbarity, terror, and genocide against innocent Muslim Gaznians-men, women, children.

Ironically and strangely, this twisted strategy has actually been gaining support in the worlds’ courts of public opinion, whereby in the grossly darkened and vailed minds of the worlds’ “seas” of peoples, Israel is transformed into what they, the lunar terrorist themselves in actuality are...the “bullies” of the Middle East.

In reality, everyone knows that the aggressive promoters of the lunar faith are indeed those actual bullies of the Middle East and of the whole world, even according to their own ranting proclamations of naming themselves as they seek to brutally conquer all peoples, first Arab Sunnis and Shiites it into a global caliphate.

Though Israel is right (as any sovereign nation would be, in defending itself from-against any and all military attacks), the only Jewish State on earth is ironically trumped by the lunatic entities’ propaganda, even though the IDF have done a great Nobel Peace Prize winning effort in warning *civilian, innocent Gaznian of pending retaliations.

  • "civilian innocents" - the lunatics holding the Gaznians captive will not allow them to flee an IDF targeted zone from whench rockets are fired at the innocents of Israel, but rather are forced to be shaheens - "martyrs!"

Of course, and unfortunately, when the IDF responds accordingly, innocents along with the terrorist are injured and killed, which begins the whole vicious, cycle all over. This work of the lunars is highly devious, fiendish, and evilly crafty!  But what can one expect of such entities enslaved by the lunar spirit. 

Hence, Israel is presently loosing the conflict in the world’s courts of public opinion...and apparently in the those of Heaven as well.

This is so ironic, in that the comparative, tiny Eretz Israel, the only Jewish State in the world with a mere 6 million Jews, is literally surrounded by dozens of states that adhere to the supposedly religious polity of peace, boasting 1.25 billion captives.

Furthermore, globally, there are only a mere12 million Jews as opposed to 1.25 billion of the lunar entity (Sunni-Shiite), with a world of jealous Christian and other envious, anti-Jewish gentile nations, totaling circa 7 billion in lock-step with sentiments various agents of the faith to eliminate the so called “Zionist Entity” from off the earth.

Therefore, it is imperative that Jews and Israelis "flow" together understand this matter, and by the power of HaShem, according to Hebrew Holy Scriptures, retrieve the moral high ground from these lunatic international criminals against humanity, to turn the tide of the battle in their-our-Jew/Israeli favor.