The Justiceville General Information

Ted speaks on the BBC 5 (45 min)

“Beyond My World”
interview with Ted, hosted by his late friend, and former NFL football player, Dexter Clay.  See at and scroll down.


Theodore "Ted" Hayes, Jr. visit LA County Board of Supervisor in conciliatory spirit  (2:53 secs)

"Ted Hayes on homelessness in Venice" (6:40 sec)

Justiceville, the 1988 Emmy Award Winning documentary, the root of the present day sidewalk, encampment homelessness movement

IWITNESS - DOME VILLAGE on Amazon - 5 episodes are available  C 


"Heal America: A Broader Look At Ted Hayes"
Full length (1 hr)

"We Are Americans" (2 min. video)

Web Sights
See the national plan to end homelessness, “A Step To End Homelessness”, that’s chronic, sidewalk, encampment homelessness, i.e., the E.G.I.I.P. either full length or summary. 

Note: Left side, is the Plan
Note: Right side, is the JSAP, which endorses the Plan calling for US Presidential action. | |

The Domestic Peace Corps (DPC) is imperative for any plan of ending homelessness.  Very interesting and center dynamic of the Plan.

My Patriotic aspirations:
Mr. Citizen Patriot - My personal tribute to America, US Military Veterans, active duty personnel, and those whom gave their lives that I may live free, as well my tribute to first responders; and to inspire patriotism throughout this Union republic 

Also see, video of Ted Speaks Explaining Mr. Patriot

Mr. Patriot in May 31st, Memorial Day Parade in Canoga Park, CA, 2018 Mr. Patriot Memorial Day Parade -Music.mp4

The Compton Cricket Club at Ted's outreach to youths of America and making international community aware of the phenomenon of American homelessness. This unlikely Cricket Club became the most famous American born Cricket team and club in US history.

Google "Ted Hayes and Homelessness"