All of you foreigners, including black Africans whom are ururping the Constitutional Rights of black lives,
even claiming our National Birthright of the 14the Amendment

You must not equate your worthy struggle
with that of the chattel slavery Americans.
Your destruction of the chattel slave descendants is \un-American, immoral, un-Judaic-Chritian, anti-GOD,
therefore dangerous to  your fate.


"Know The Truth...

and Be Free"


Please leave us chattel slave descendants alone. 
Let go of our 14th Amendment-Birthright Citizenship that
740,000, young, innocent, white boys & men, plus 38,000 blacks died in the US Civil War over the matter of black lives,
and with all due respect, not your yours.

Please cooperate!  Let's talk!  Thank you!
Lest, You Raise the Wrath of GOD against yourselves and Descendant Children