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Introduction Statement
See New Frontier II: Operation Humanity

(originally drafted 11/2011)

        The Big Bang of Humanity     


The recorded time line of written history has moved rapidly through 5,000 or so years, beginning in the ancient Mesopotamian Valley, in the Plains of least according to the Holy Hebrew Scriptures, i.e., Bible (OT & NT).


Travel technology of the first 5, 850 was a very long period in which humanity’s mode of rapid transit other than foot running, was by horse and horse drawn chariot-buggy, wagon, stage-coach, and wooden ship-ocean liners. 


Communications during the same period of time was by the technologies of mouth-voice-tonal sounds, flag waving, trumpets, hand signals and those made by puffs of smoke from small fires.


Suddenly, there was an explosion of invention as if visited by some mysterious, almost magical, miraculous – intelligence, whereby travel and communications technologies transformed humanity by dazzling quantum leaps into the present time- dispensation of the vast “human bubble” population.


Such a sudden lurch or quantum leap and steady acceleration in these technologies in travel and communications in which were in real time and aware of each other, has humanity in a dizzying state of global shock.

Concomitantly, the human population also exploded circa 100 years ago. 


This quantum leaping in travel and communications began in what is commonly known as the industrial revolution essentially beginning in the early 1800's, particularly during and immediately following the US Civil War of the 1860-1865, bounding in the areas of land transportation (on trains being first, followed by automobiles); to sea – from wooden sailing vessels to steam powered engines; even to air and now space explorations, all within a sudden and short spurt of around 100 years.


Compared to the 5,000 -6,000 years of static technology, this recent 100 is clearly a sudden and explosive leap for the humanity into the world that it now exist as the dispensation of the Human Bubble.


Picture the time scale as an helium filled balloon on a string.


The long string is the time line of 5,000 plus recorded years of history and the balloon is the human population "bubble".



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