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No Guilt! No Apologies!


Though world Jewery and they of Eretz Israel have compassion and even mourn the losses (lives, property, etc,) of the entrapped innocents of those who think/feel, and have been lied to, that we are their enemies and they ours...

our mourning is...

... in no way an apology for the IDF defensive actions

against the lanatic elements who violently hold the Gaznians as captives and human shields for warfare.


The Perpetrators Are The Known Terrorist Entities

The Ore Magen David offering doesn't focus on the captures and murderors of the innocents, because they have brazenly already given their names and the religion that they indentify themselvew with, in demonstrating to the world their evil lunatic deeds against the innocent peoples, men, women, youths, children, even infants):

  • Gaza (circa 2,000);

  • Syria (last 4 years of warfare has killed and murdered more than 150,000 people and driven upwards of 9 million people from their homes—more than 2.8 million who’ve fled the country, and more than 6.5 million who are displaced inside its borders);

  • Iraq (at least 5,576 civilians killed and another 11,665 wounded from 1 January until the end of June. Another 1.2 million have been driven from their homes by the violence, it adds);

  • and of course, the thousands more of Arab, African, Asian States, Muslims, primarily Sunni, as well as far lesser of Shiite, are being daily slaughtered and suppressed at the hands the "wise men" (religious leaders/teachers) and the "mighty men" (terrorist soldiers) of the lunar religion;

  • and circa 1,000,000 Christians of Syria and Iraq, including Nigeria, Sudan, et al;

Along with lies, murders, body mutilations (beheading), destruction of property, forced conversions or leave region, or be butchered, and enslavement.  We know these criminals, to name a few, whom are possessed with the lunar spirit such as: ISIS (Islamic State of Iraq and Syria); Al-Shabaab, in NE Africa; Boko Haram ("western education is forbidden);


HaShem Loves and Cares For The Captives

These suffering goyhim-gentiles, whom HaShem dearly Loves are the sacred ones that Zion mourns and pleads for in the presence of Adonai, upon HIS Throne, in HIS Holy Courts of Heaven.  As a Kingdom of Priest, it is the sacred duty of Jews to introduce HIM to them, even according to King Solomons' covenant with Adonai concerning the trials of "they who are not of Your people, Israel".  The OMD offering is the first and beginning of our fulfilling that Divine responsibility.

The Ore Magen David (OMD) offering (Divine initiative) to HaShem GOD) consist, primarily as one of, and led by Jews world-wide, along with Israelis.

This offering is Zion demonstrating expression of compassion to HIM on behalf of the hundreds of tortured, terrorized and slaughtered innocents of the Arabic States or Califates, as well as the circa 1 billion captives of the "wisemen" and “mighty men” of the religious spirit of lunacy.

Through the OMD in and of Zion, Adonai will express HIS Love and concern for them, even as HE does for Israel. Hence, according to King Solomon's covenant with HaShem, the gentiles-goyhim will come to know HIS Name as well.
[II Chronicles 6:32,33]

Israeli Prime Ministers Expression of Compassion - Our Examples
This sacred practice of mourning for the losses of others, including of those who think/feel that they are our enemies, and we theirs, is in agreement with the sentiments of Israeli Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu in this matter.

On behalf of all Israelis (political right to left), Mr. Netanyahu consistently expresses Israeli compassion for the circa 2000 innocent men, women, and especially children of Gaza who have been slain as a result of their lunatic captors using them as human shields in warfare in the present border conflict.

Even former Israeli Prime Minister, the late Golda Meir, bemoaned that the violence in the Middle East will cease when the Muslim (Arab-Shiite) leaders learn to love their children more than they hate Israel. See Photos

Ending The Vicious Cycle
It is evidently clear to the world, that the innocent, captive-hostage peoples of Gaza have been, and are being held as political political fodder and shields, from behind which the lunar entities launch thousands of indiscriminant missile attacks against civilians populations in the only Jewish State on earth, Eretz Israel.

Of course, in self-defense, when the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) responds in kind to the cowardly agents "mighty men" of the evil spirit of lunacy, unfortunately, the innocents are hurt due to lunatic soldiers embedding themselves in Gaza have taken refuge behind. 

By projecting upon the darkened minds of the world's court of public opinion, such imgages of children and innocent, civilian, non-combatants (unintentionally) killed by IDF, the fiendish lunatics have craftily taken and presently holds, the moral high ground of the ancient Middle Eastern argument.

It is the purpose of the OMD to retake the moral high ground as Zion itself is so, according to the Hebrew, Holy Scriptures.

In doing the divinely inspired, supernatural feat of demonstrating compassion for others, wins in Heaven and on earth in the world's court of  public opinion.

Essentially, as the boys and girls, led by their elders, of IDF geo-physically frontlines of defending us civilian, innocents of Israel and of the whole world, it is our duty to watch and defend their backs by retaking the high moral ground for them.

According to Scripture admonisment, mourning for Zion to Adonai on behalf of goyhim-gentiles, the other chosen, while move HIM to action in our favor.

Nobody, nor entity, could assail Jews and Israelis, mourning in Zion for the losses of others.