The Systemic Racism of the Democratic Party

What Can You Expect From It,

 But Socio-Politico-Civic-Economic Corruption and Racism On Par With

The German Nazi Party of World War II


While the Republican Party has failed in its mission to ensure full citizenship for black lives, by the rigorous enforcement of the 14th Amendment as intended, it is the Democratic that has inflicted severe, generations-destroying damages to black lives upon whose ancestor's backs this nation of immigrants is built.


Post the US Civil War, by its 1877 Compromise with the Democratic Party over the fate of black lives, the Republican Party abandoned its original 1854-56 purpose of ending chattel slavery being derelict to successfully enforce the 14th Amendment as intended.


In the critical and man-made, tragic matter of black lives in the USA, both major political parties bare co-responsibility and culpability to properly address and remedy it.


However, objective research reveals that given its history, there should be surprise at the party's corruption today, ranking with the German Nazis of WWII, 71 years ago!


Some key atrocities inflicted upon black lives by the Democratic Party are: 245 years of generations-destroying, chattel slavery (1620-1865); 98 years of racist laws (1866-1964); voting rights suppression; created the KKK; 51 years of failed, socialist polices and programs (1965-2016); ethno-racially cleansing by illegal import and occupation by foreign nationals; embracing “Black Lives Matter” slogan, yet giving away the 14th Amendment-Birthright Citizenship, their most sacred matter to foreigners.      


Daily, We the People are exposed to incredibly blatant corruption within the Democratic Party surrounding its presidential candidate's mishandling of national security information, personal profiteering of government office, and cheating manipulations in electoral politics, etc.


It is no wonder that the operatives within the Democratic Party are corrupt, being based on such a sordid past of a total of 396 years of racist oppression against black lives.


What can be expected of a political entity that has the history of committing such generational crimes against fellow human beings, but pure, unadulterated corruption?  To expect wholesomeness from the Democratic Party today is like a person lying down in a cemetery and pretending to be dead.