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The Vision of The Venture

The advocacy of the Global Cricket Consultancy (GcC) venture is encourage the stimulate of the civilizing etiquetes during the heat of match competition of the Grand Ole’ English bat and ball game.

While the Consultancy appreciates the dance-physical actions of the sport within the grand oval itself and encourages the thrill of play, its' first priority is developing and executing the etiquette of Cricket beyhond boundary, tranferring to familiars (family-parents, siblings, et al), to school, work place, other social recreation activities, authority figures such as law enforcement, community leadership, elders, even enemy rivals.

These ettiguettes not only the field of play, but primarily from the oval into the daily concourses of life, thereby assisting other Good Will movements to generate in the world a spirit of Peace and Prosperity for all human beings.

The GcC is venturing to spawn other such entities throughout the world with  the sole purpose of creating and developing Compton, California-type Cricket Clubs similar to the world-renown Compton Homies & the POPz according to the theme of the mission

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