The Ore Magen David - Shining Star of David

"Zion Mourns" - "Zion, Your GOD Reigns"

“To Appoint Unto them that mourn in Zion

[Yeshayah-Isaiah 60:2]

"Zion Is The High Moral Ground", therefore...

The Murder-Martyrdom of Innocent, Arab Sunni and Shiite Muslim and Christian
Men, Women, Children being Perpetrated by the Lunatic Elements
In The Name of the so-called, religious polity of peace in the Middle East


According to the prophecies of Hebrew Holy Scriptures, Torah-Tanauch",

and as "priests" of HIM in HIS Heavenly Courts,

we present this sacred and solemn offering to Adonai, Elohim, Who Is HaShem,

on behalf of the sufferings innocents of earth, transcends and draws all Jews

into that which causes them to finally "flow together"


Hence, we Jews are “…to comfort all that mourn; To appoint unto them that mourn in Zion,

to give unto them beauty for ashes, the oil of joy for mourning, the garment of praise for the spirit of heaviness;

that they might be called trees of righteousness, the planting of the LORD, that he might be glorified.”

[Yeshayah-Isaiah60:2,3 see fuller text >]

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The Introduction   


The Ore Magen David (OMD) offering (Divine initiative) to HaShem / G_Dconsist primarily as one of, and led by Jews throughout the earth, along with Israelis, do as an expression of a compassion offering to HIM on behalf of the hundreds of thousans of tortured, terrorized, ethnic cleansed, and slaughtered innocents of the Arab States or Califates, as well as the circa 1 plus billion captives Muslims of the "wisemen" and “mighty men” of the religious-polity of the lunar spourge.

The Compassion and Love of Two Prime Ministers
This sacred practice of mourning for others, even including of those who think that they are our enemies and we theirs, is in agreement with the compassionate sentiments of Israeli Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu in this matter.

During the summer Israeli - Hammas war of 2014, on behalf of all Israelis and Jews (political right to left), Mr. Netanyahu consistently expressed compassion for the circa 1900 innocent men, women, and especially children of Gaza who have been slain as a result of their lunatic captors using them as human shields in the warfare.

Also, bemoaning and expressing her concern and compassion for the innocent Arab-Muslims, former Israeli Prime Minister, the late, Golda Meir, stated that the conflict will cease when their leaders learn to love their own children more than they hate Israel and Jews. See Photos

The Innocent Captives As Human Shields of the Lunar Entity In Gaza
It is evidently clear to the world, that the innocent, captive-hostage peoples of Gaza have been, and are being held as political shields from behind whom the lunar agents launch thousands indiscriminant missile attacks against civilians in the only Jewish State on earth.

Of course, in self-defense, when the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) responds in kind to the cowardly agents "mighty men" of the evil spirit of lunacy, unfortunately, the innocents are hurt due to lunatic soldiers in Gaza embedding themselves among them to launch murderous rocket attacks against the those of Isael. 

  • Ironically, while circa 2,000 Gaznians have been killed by actions of war (IKBAW - innocents killed by acts of war), with thousands more as casualties, and greater numbers made homeless - (lost shelter/houseing), the calateral damage to such structures, including schools, along with infrastructure (electrical, water, sewage, systems, etc.), sets them back economically, socially, politically and spiritually.   

  • This devilish nightmare occurs to these innocent peoples off Gaza everytime that the lunatic elements initiates war against Israel! The captives who can't run to safety, or resist being used as humans shield, suffer, while their captors escape.

  • Of course, at this time in history, the intimated Gaznian captives dare not complain to their captors for terror of being punished with pain and death to themselves and love ones.

According To Their Fiendish Strategy For World's Courts of Opinion
This is precisely the intent of the lunatics, which is to sacrifice innocents and children to *fiery weaponry of IDF to sway global public opinion against Israel.

  • "fiery" - Molech Chimosh is the evil, human created diety in the Land of Canaan, modern day Israel, that was worshipped    by the people through forcing their own children pass through the fire" of death.  This act is very displeasing to Adonai-HaShem.

Therefore, as the Prime Ministers, with the whole nation expresses compassion for and mourns the losses of their Muslim brethren neighbors, whom are the descendant children of Esau, the paternal twin brother of Jacob-Israel, the Ore Magen David not only joins with the Israelies in their sentiments, but rises and shines with the glory of HaShem, even beyond Gaza.

Beyond Gaza
The Ore Magen David mourns for the tens and hundreds of thousands of Arab-Sunni Muslims in Syria, Iraq, Libya, Egypt, Somali, and other regions of Africa, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Indonesia, et al, as well as the million plus Christians of Iraq and peoples of other non-lunar faiths, who are being terrorized, tortured, murdered, beheaded and mutilated by lunar agents of the worlds largest and most dangerous death cult.  The primary mantra of the lunar agents, as they call upon their religious entity, is “Death to Israel”, "Death to America", "Death to the infidels", etc...

As the Jewish-Israeli led OMD offering launches this holy-spiritual campaign, Adonai-Elohim, Who is HaShem will be pleased and elevate us to * the moral high ground of  this worlds’ consciousness as it is in HIS Courts of Heaven.

The Hebrew Holy Scriptures demands and expects such a practice from all those who embrace it and the G_D thereof.

Of course, Jews and Israelis mourn the loss and sufferings of their own, even as any peoples would do, but according to the high calling of the GOD’s Chosen to serve the nations-goyhim as their priests to HaShem, apparently it is time that we look upon the hurts of others, especially those whom claim to be our enemies and we theirs.

Two Phased Strategy
Phase 1: Initially, the Ore Magen David offering will conduct demonstrations of solemn mourning, not yet direct protestsof the lunar entities, but rather mourning the losses of the innocents in the thousands, millions and billions of Muslisms, along with Christians and other non- luner faiths, by the formers evil deeds, in the following ways:

  • Launch to media-press outlets, including social media the mission statement and purpose of the OMD offering;

  • Press releases and editorials, video promotion, i.e. PopModal – You Tube

  • Call upon local, national, world leaders, including first those of clergy, followed by NGO’s – Jews, Christian, Muslim, Sikh, Buddhist, Hindu, etc, then government, social and economic sectors to join the OMD offering;

  • Calls to radio talk show host of political right and left, as well as religious to speak of this OMD offering;

Phase 2: Once there is sufficient movement, the mourning will then include protest against the perpetrators of this nightmare upon the aforementioned victims of the lunar spirit that is mercilessly driving the lunatic “wise men” (imans, ayatollahs, etc.) and “mighty men” (Jihad soldiers) who claim their deeds are in the name of the religious polity of peace.

Agape-Shalom In Jerusalem To You and Yours