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Circa 95% of US Citizens whom consider themselves "republican",

don't know what the term means, nor the Party's original purpose. 

Therefore, they ARE NOT Republican,

but rather their testimony harmfully, misrepresents the truth the of the matter


The matter is the same, 95% of those considers themselves nothing of the Party's, anti-black, chattel slavery, Jim, Crow, KKK history, whis is a major superstructure of the Union republic's systemic racism.


Also, 95% of all US citizens have no idea of their Preamble responsibility being, We the people who according the the Declaration of Independence authorizes elected and apointed government SERVANTS to  carry out their/our wills.


The 1866 Civil Rights Act

The 740,000 Innocents

Of the US Civil War

(April 12, 1861 - May 9, 1865)

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