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The Other Side of the Pyramid:  A New Book By Ted Hayes

What lurks in the mysterious shadows of the wondrous edifices that signify the glorious achievements of antiquity?

By what powers did the ancient peoples of early civilizations form the foundations upon which all societies on earth, including their vast urban centers, cultures, and religions, etc?

If indeed, the proverbial and mysterious Black Man laid the foundations of civilizations, what then is the cause of his global demise, including Africa and especially in the United States?

A writing devised specifically to engender thought about historical events and circumstances that defines the existence of American Black US citizens today.

A powerful challenge to the philosophy that asserts blame for the demise of the mighty Blacks solely on the wrongful antics of the proverbial White Man.

This 140 page compilation of thirty plus years of thought in an American Black man, indeed, a son of the American chattel slaves, is asking challenging questions and posing answers as well.

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The Other Side of the Pyramid:

A Transforming View of The Mysterious, Proverbial Black Man


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