The TitUlar Presidency

(Proposed T-Prez) of the
United States Union Republic

The Twinship of We the People and the Republican Form of Government.
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Since its' birth, the republican government, geo-political Union, We the People, under GOD, are its' most powerful authority, even that which gives life to the written Constitution, has not fully functioned in the process of perfecting it.

Other than being utilized to garner political might by elected and appoined public figures (which is a natural inclination in all human beings, those to whom we have given consent to govern over us ), We the People have not have been equally involved in our own governance.

It is the is dissfunction of We the People that has allowed the enablement and abuse of power that is now so grossely rogue against us, this republican Union.

This repubican Union consist of two conjoined, therefore, twin elements, sharing the same "internal, vital organs", they being that of first and foremost, We the People, and secondly, the government created by us.

However, since 1776, those to whom we granted consent to rule over us, have become power intoxited and are thereby threatening the national security of the United States by developing a rogue government.

A boat road from one side will travel only in circles of insanity, until the side begins to row, thereby, it will move in forward towards the land of "America."

As a body politic, We the People, are unaware of our responsibiity and duty to ensure that those whom we have given consent to govern over us are supervised to keep their Oaths of Office.

Good News!
For which we are thankful. 
The Central Figure of the Declaration of Independence, has providentially wrought the situation and circumstances in which We the People - the "last prosperity" of the founding fathers are granted the noble opportunity to "right the boat", and set it on the proper course to the land of "America."

We the People and their government are twins of the republican form of government.

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