Ordu Norvu Seclorium

New Order of the Ages

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HEAL America Campaign


"Blessed is the nation whose God Is the LORD"

(Psalms 33:12)


Annuit Ceptis

"HE, (Divine Providence) Has Favored Our Undertaking"

GOD Is...

the "book-ends"

of the Declaration of Independence


Without controversy, geo-political national entities and civilizations of the Western world including those of Europe, the United Kingdom of the British Isles, North, Central, South America, Australia, New Zealand, Lebanon and Israel, et al, are established in the foundational morays of Judeo-Christian teachings, principles and precepts, etc.

Essentially, as a westernized national geo-political entity, The Deity of the Hebrew Scriptures is in the very “DNA” of our national fiber, because it is from these nations and civilizations of Europe that America evolved or descended.  Therefore, without GOD, America's is a vain and void of substance Dream, nor shall the America that we seek ever will be.

In fact, a student will recognize that the Founding Fathers apparently recognized the Presence of the Supreme Deity in the affairs of Americans by what we call Divine Providence, is actually the “Book-Ends” of the Declarational grievances and aspirations of this New Nation.

The contents of the New Nation’s grievances against the English Crown of Authority and as how a such a political body politic or entity should function is encased between the Alpha and Omega (Beginning and the End) of the sacred document, thereby rendering them valid and the adherents accountable to HIM who created “We the People” for a legacy of Freedom for the whole word.

Ironically, the lofty words and intents of the Founding Fathers were to be tested by the New Nations inherited slave populations, which apparently in the Mind of the Almighty would prove to be the “acid test” of the worthiness and reality of their lofty and noble words against the “Antiquus Ordu Seclurum (Old Order of the Ages) as opposed to that which they introduced to the world as Orvu Nordu Seclurum (New Order of the Ages).

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