Heal America: End The “One Way” Dialogue

On White and Black Race Relations

(as drafted by Ted Hayes - November 2009)


In February, 2009, then US Attorney General, Eric Holder, under the auspices of new POTUS, Barack H. Obama, called the United States “a nation of cowards”, because he says, that We the People refuse to conduct with ourselves a deeper discussion on racial matters between white and black citizens.


Actually, being a member of the “usual suspects”, African-American leadership, he and they assume that the discussion is halted by the “obvious” racism of white citizens, because of the fear that the ultimate truth about race is that they are wrong, while blacks are right.  


Such is a bogus, and unsubstantiated claim.


During the era of the 1964, Congressional Civil Rights Act, Americans had a wonderful awakening to a sincere effort to complete the two-phase mission of the Republican Party from where it left off in 1877!


As a direct result to extreme difficulties to heal a wound that the “new nation conceived in liberty and dedicated to the proposition that all men are created equal”, the Republican Party abandoned the noble American quest to complete the second phase of the national mission, of full citizenship for the emancipated, chattel slaves.


·       Phase I Completed – Ending of 245 years of chattel slavery,

·       Phase II Incomplete – Ensuring full citizenship “as is enjoyed by white citizens” according the 14th  

                                       Amendment – 1866 Civil Rights Act

"There will be neither rest nor tranquility in America
until the Negro is granted his citizenship rights " MLK, Jr. 1963

Racial Incidents Exposes The Wound

Since the 1960’s, especially the assassination of the Rev.-Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., the nation has periodically been painfully rocked to its foundations over the horrid conditions and situations of the freed, chattel slave descendants i.e. American black citizens.


Since the late 1960’s, there have been significant incidents between blacks and whites citizens that reveals the ever present, un-healed slave, race “wound” in the collectively conjoined, generational soul of We the People.


Being only 11 to 12 % of the national population, the chattel slave descendants disproportionately leads all other ethno-racial groups in nearly every negative, social statistic, except teen suicide.


Yet, due to an abundance of a sincere sense of remorseful concern, and unfortunately, unwarranted guilt for ancestral wrongs against black citizens, whites tend to acquiesce into a perplexing, domicidal, “political correctness” ethos.


The professional agitators have assigned white lives with the full culpability for racism, thereby ever demanding that they have more transformation to correct themselves, etc.


Of course, blacks are erroneously exempted from any role in the chattel slavery-race wound as though they are completely righteous, which insinuates genetic superiority.


This destructive “one-way” race mentality is a mysteriously bias that "license" black lives to make racial slur-commentary, while whites arn't.


Such tragic mindset is what led to the election of Barack Hussein Obama as the Honorable POTUS (President of the United States).


Whenever any “racial” circumstance arose in America, the subsequent discussion is generally a “one-way” lecture by the "usual suspects" African American "leaders" castigating white lives about their racist attitudes.


Ironically protected by "political correctness", blacks are allowed to prefix the names of their entities in business, institutions of learning, etc., with term "black", whereas, whites are not allowed such privileges.


Black Bias

Such phony fawning for “Blacks” is clearly evident in the negative treatment against Republican Presidential candidates, and the now positive support of the Hon. President Barack Hussein Obama, especially by the media/press.


This biased hope for Obama's success has intimidated fear in white citizens to sharply criticize or not support him, as such is considered racist, while blacks non-support of him, designates them as so-called “Uncle Tom” sell-outs.


Conjoined Twins

That “the nation may live”, white and black US citizens must cease their co-mingled states of denial, recognize their conjoined twins status of sharing the same national “internal vital organs”, and finally enter into an honest, “two-way” dialog to heal the slavery-racial “wound” caused by both our ancestors in their respective roles.


Please see Empowerment Mood: Conjoined Twins


In order to Heal America of the so called race wound, white and black citizens must ask themselves the “is it I”, not “is it them” question of their respective, historical role in the slave trade that brought them both together as one (E Pluribus Unum – “out of many, one”), for better or worse, in the United States of America.


A significant portion of the HEAL America campaign is it’s admonition that the race-slavery discussion must of necessity be civilly conducted as a “two-way” manner, and no longer be a one sided castigating lecture, which is evidently self-destructive to American black and white citizens alike.


As long as the so called race dialogue remains a "one way" proposition, the wound that our nation was born with, like gangrene, it will eventually destroy all of us.

Or, we can jointly position ourselves whereby GOD Himself will be able to heal America to be that "shining city" on hill for all nations see by.

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