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    continued from Part III - Constitution Description of Chattel Slaves, the first and orignial Beneficiaries  of the Civil Rights

The Meaning of…

Emancipated Chattel Slaves and "White Citizens"

“…as is enjoyed by White citizens”

According To The Edicts of The 14th Amendment of the

1866 Civil Rights Act of the US Constitution

Unfortunately and for whatever reasons, only GOD knows at this time, though the Emancipated Chattel Slaves, Freedmen-Freemen were/are technically US citizens, only a consistent "Talented Tenth" of the population has/do experience the American Dream reality, while the rest languish in a trend toward utter destruction.


This truth is noted by the fact that since the days of the 1865, American Black US citizens have disproportionately and literally led all other ethno-racial peoples in the nation in nearly every negative social statistic.


However, knowing the generational and difficult process to make the Emancipated Chattel Slaves full US citizens “as is enjoyed by White citizens” the Republican architects of the 14th Amendment created in the Civil Rights Act of 1866, 10 sections by which the citizenship can be eventually enforced.

Spec. NOTE: Of all the heartfelt and real, American immigrant stories-heritages, no other group of Americans are held in distinction and even physically/characteristically described with special protections, other than those brought to the America's against their wills, as unwilling chattel slaves.

 Ironically, these distinguished peoples of many and widely varied ethnicities of Africa, were bought and sold by immigrants to serve immigrants.

 Though from many and varied ethnicities of primarily Anglo-English-Europe, as was their chattel slaves from Africa, throughout their generations, particularly post US Civil War to End Slavery, immigrants have stood upon, and thereby benefitted and advanced beyond the Americans of chattel slave heritag

Therefore, when Americans of willing immigration equate their valid experiences with those of the chattel slaves, it is tantamount to equating illegal immigrants, peoples of sexual preferrences, white women, minorities, even certain animals, like whales, with that of chattel slavery.  They are not on the same "boat". Their experiences are not in common.  

The same principle of not allowing the experiences of others tobe equated with that of the Nazi Halocaust of European, Ashkenazi Jews in the last century, is also to be applied to chattel slavery.  No equation!

Metaphorically, immigrants of all generations came on the Mayflower, whereas, the chattel slave Americans, on the twin ships of The White Lion and The Treasure.   See "Purging The Term, 'Black"

Essentially, what the Constitution is saying by the Act, is that America is not yet a full manifested reality as long as the Emancipated Chattel Slaves, Freedmen-Freemen though technically US citizens, but in actuality-experientially are not enjoying “life, liberty and pursuit of happiness “as is enjoyed by White citizens”


As the late Malcolm X, aka Malek El Hajj Shabazz says, "Just because you are in a diner sitting at the table does not make you a diner until you are eating with the others seated there" 


In order to understand and appreciate the power or authority granted to the Emancipated Chattel Slaves and their succeeding generations on the long “road” to full, complete, “equal justice under the law” US citizenship “as is enjoyed by White citizens”, according to the mandates of the 14th Amendment of the 1866 Civil Rights Act of the US Constitution, there must be an honest study of the what the venerated American hero, the late Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. called the Promissory Note.


The Promissory Note is a combination of several historically foundational documents ranging from the US Declaration of Independence from the British Empire in 1776 (* along with other writings leading up to it); to the Emancipation Proclamation by the late US President, Abraham Lincoln for America’s chattel slave populations and their descendents; to Lincolns’ Gettysburg Address; to the great Triad Axis of Promise containing the unprecedented and historical three Constitutional Amendments passed by the 39th Congress in 1866 and ratified in 1868, which are the 13th, 14th, and 15th.


These three amendments, including the 1866 Civil Rights Act are the heart or center piece of the official place and/or role of the West African, Americanized Black Emancipated Slaves, Freedmen-Freemen in the United States of America.


This study will begin by identifying the subject of concern in the Triad Axis of Promise by the interpretation of the 14th Amendment of the Congressional Civil Rights Act of 1866.


Subject identification – Emancipated, Freed, Americanized, West African, Chattel Slaves


Ultimate Objective – To bestow upon and ensure the guarantees of the US Constitution be afforded to the Emancipated Slaves “as is enjoyed by White citizens”


Interpretation or “Road-Map”, are the edicts mandated by the contents written in the ten sections of the 1866 Congressional Civil Rights Act, which I call the "Rosetta Stone" of the 14th Amendment.


The Institutions of Authority Section 3 of the ACT

To ensure that the ultimate objective would be someday apprehended, the 39th Congress led by the Republican Party mandated certain legal and military powers, which are contained in the following Sections of the 1866 Civil Rights Act:


  • The Courts

Ø       District

Ø       Circuit

Ø       Superior

Ø       US Supreme

Ø       The Bureau for the relief of Freedmen and Refugees,


The Officers of Authority Section 4

  • District Attorneys,

  • US Marshals and Deputy Marshals (Sec 5)

  • Circuit and Territorial Court Appointed Commissioners with powers of arresting, imprisoning, or bailing offenders

  • The Officers and Agents of the Freedmens Bureau

  • Presidential Specially empowered Officers


The US Military Section 5

  • Bystanders or posse comitatus of the proper county, or such portion of the land or naval forces of the United States, or of the militia


Special Presidential Authority Sections 8 and 9 and The US Supreme Court being the tenth.


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