HEAL America Campaign


Generates National Mood For Empowerment

“…The Campaign strategy for two-way discussion is not to castigate either Blacks for their particular roles in the ancient West African Slave Trades… just as it is not to do the same to Whites for their purchasing human cargo.”

The strategic objective of the HEAL America Campaign is to generate a national mood whereby citizens of the United States are empowered to freely utilize our national resources and ingenuity to actualize the American Dream in our times.


“We the People” are willing to achieve the wishes of our Founding Fathers as long as the nation embraces the brotherhood mood that is necessary to catalyze ourselves  into the manifest American Dream.


Such a mood can only be achieved by unprecedented two-way discussions on race, excluding the usual one-way lecture given by the “usual suspects” African American "leaders" to whites about the latter's racist attitude and their full culpability for slavery, Jim Crow-ism, and continued institutional racism against Blacks, etc.


The Great Hypocrisy

The Dream of the Founding Fathers for this “new nation conceived in liberty and dedicated to the proposition that all men are created equal” is to ensure that each and every American citizen is guaranteed the opportunity to access the “inalienable right to life, liberty and pursuit of happiness”.


The Founder's desire for all US citizens, especially as it relates to chattel slavery, stems from the lofty ideals embodied in the Declaration of Independence, which justified blood-letting violence in argument for the case of American style freedom as witnessed by the Revolutionary War against the mighty, super power, Imperial British Empire.  The incredible audacity!


Such an audacious notion of them to actually demand freedom from British tyranny while yet themselves holding slaves, psychologically troubled the Founding Fathers as being profoundly absurd and hypocritical!  "Something, someday, must be done to rectify this embarrassment." 


Unfortunately, this perplexing contradiction seated deep within the conscious of the Founders has interestingly been able to transfer itself down through the many generation onto Americans today, especially as evidenced by the ironic election of Barack Hussein Obama, the First African American, "Black", President of the United States of America..


American Dream – Promissory Note

As the late Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., I too believe that US citizens will reach the illusive “America” as we all equally and equitably heed the mandates of the US Congressional Promissory Note.


Such a promissory writ is the prescription to manifest the American Dream, and not individual prosperity, which is merely a by-product of it.  Please see Guardians of the Republic. Thanks!


In order to meet the demands of the Promissory Note, White and Black Americans must come to the Table of Brotherhood for two-way discussions about racial relations. Please visit Promissory Note and the “I Have A Dream” Speech at www.TedHayes.US for details.  Thanks!


My Brother’s Keeper

According the foundational principles of the American Judeo-Christian western society based on the Hebrew Holy Scriptures (Bible), “We the People” of the United States are mandated to love GOD and our neighbors as ourselves being our brother’s keepers.


To hurt you…is to hurt myself.  You rejoice, I rejoice. You die, I die. To treat you unjustly is to treat myself unjustly. Lying against you is to lie against myself.  My hatred of you is hatred of myself.  To love you is to love myself. You win…I win.  I win…you win.  We Win!


The Conjoined Twins

In this “new nation conceived in liberty”, GOD the Creator of all men equally has conjoined two diametrically opposite races and experiences into one for the sake of the United States Republic.


As Dr. King says, “…for many of our white brothers…have come to realize that their destiny is tied up with our destiny and their freedom is inextricably bound to our freedom.”


The opposite is true as well, that Blacks realize that their White conjoined twin has made greater strides towards racial redemption than we.


Medicine Talk

Hence, the two-way discussions absent of the usual one-way lectures which has not availed progress for Blacks nor anyone else except the harbingers of race agitation and further self-destruction, but is rather to serve as the key elixir to Healing America.


The Campaign strategy for two-way discussion is not to castigate Blacks for their particular role in the ancient Slave Trades of West Africa, just as it is not to do the same to Americans for their role in purchasing Trans Atlantic Trade human cargo.


Rather, as the conjoined twin seeks the well being of the other, they increase their chances to survive their respective wounds that drove or enslaved them into the American Dream quest.  “I have a dream…deeply rooted in the American Dream” Dr. King, Jr.


During initial diagnose, triage operations and nursing of the nation’s wounded Soul, I theorize that our GOD Will grant revelations and courage that we may properly remedy the maladies challenging the health of our national security.


The progression of the Campaign is the Two-Way discussion leading to Healing which results in nation building of the United States, that we may all conjointly, equitably and simultaneously arrive in the America of  our Founding Fathers.



Guardians of the Republic