The 2016 Presidential Election
Referendum On the We the People

of the United States of America

Referendum On The Founding Fathers

Polling reveals that We the People of the United States somehow dare to have the audacity to be disgusted with the voting choice for president of both the Democratic and Republican Parties as though we are above the fray between the two candidates ourselves, and have been faithfully conducting ourselves in accordance with our Declaration of Independence responsibility to supervise the government.

In actually, we largely have our own selves to blame for these choices for two reasons:

One being, when truly competent individuals risk their lives in putting them forward, We the People, most of whom are by nature politically ignorant and therefore unfit to actually vote...thereby being persuadable by biased media, and other unsavery influences.

The other being, We the People hypocritically expect a personal "holiness" in the life of the candidate that they themselves are not living up to. While candidates may present good, workable policies, they refuse to step forward for fear that their personal, private lives will be dragged "out of the closet" into the public arena for milicious exposure.

Therefore, We the People are the root cause of the candidates that we receive.

Also, as the living element of the republic who gives the consent to govern, by our vote, We the People tend to hire, but lazily abandon the subsequent responsibility to "supervise" those whom we elect to government.

It is akin to an employer who hires but don't supervise his employees, and when they naturally tend to "slack off" or flub the job, they get mad at the "no good for nothing", incompentant workers. Such hypocrisy!

So it is! This 2016 Presidential election is not a referendum on neither on the Clintons nor Donald Trump, but rather on us, We the People whom have been charged. “to form a more perfect Union”, as the governed whom gives the consent to govern being empowered by certain inalienable rights, such the vote.

The sentimentality of both major Parties, which waged a Civil War between themselves over the root cause of the USA Union republic being “a house divided against itself”, being generations-destroying, chattel slavery of black lives, is that the long term fate of the nation rest upon this election.

Republican and Democrat respectfully declare that if other wins the votes of We the People, by electoral college, etc., the USA alas, is doomed to sudden, unexpected destruction, hence, the election is supposedly a referendum on both.

In actuality, because as it is We the People, the posterity, whom the founding fathers have charged “to more perfect the Union”, in this case by our vote, that is, intelligent decision to properly choose who will govern us via the Presidency, it is a referendum on us.

As citizens of a republican form of government, the Founding Fathers placed upon us, their posterity the solemn duty to "keep it."

Therefore, We the People are the Guardians of the republic, and thereby deserve the government we get.