The Leader of the Free Worldm, Barack Hussein Obama

Holds American Black US Citizens Psychological and Political Hostage

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In a desperate attempt to save his own legacy, as a final political appeal, President Obama…has taken black lives psychologically and politically hostage by commanding and expecting them to save it by voting for Hillary Clinton…stating that if she losses to Trump, he will consider their betrayal…a personal insult to himself. 


Well, how about that?!?  In of all black lives history in this country, such is the insult of insults to American black US citizens.


This misuse and abuse of presidential authority and power is totally inappropriate and disgusting to all US citizens, regardless of political party affiliation, i.e., Democrat-Republican, and must be called on it.


Mr. Obama, who became President on the backs of black’s sacred Civil Rights legacy, has taken  hostage of, and thereby made black lives the heavies of the 2016 election, by literally blaming them for what he would consider the demise of the United States, and subsequently the whole world, because of their failure to vote Clinton.


Such political saddling of any group of American citizens, particularly those whom are blacks, with being solely responsible for the destiny of the nation, is the most shameful, hurtful, racist and hateful matter by any US President, most especially this one.   


However, what else can we expect from the Democratic Party, which held blacks as chattel slaves for 245 years, Jim Crowed them for 99 years, and over the last several decades, have systemically destroyed their communities in the nation’s ­­­inner cities?